Reciprocal Mirror

An unwilling spectator I’d prefer to look away You’d prefer that too But I have to look somewhere And it’s everywhere And it sticks to my eyes   Meanwhile I have no active audience Just confused glances From those wondering why I’m smirking And the scornful gaze Of those blaming me for gazing Sorry to … More Reciprocal Mirror

My Trashcan

Noiseless Expressionless Passionless orgasm Straining over you In the darkness of 11:13 PM   You’re the only witness As I dump wasted life On a Styrofoam lid And an empty soup can And a rotting banana peel   You open yourself To whatever I must dispose As indifferent to this moment As I am And you’re … More My Trashcan

Unused Cialis

Could anything be more pathetic? Each refill Sits in its vial 30 milligrams per dose Of yellow, desperate hope All shucking their potency Hidden, waiting For a moment that will not come                

Sudden and Brief

I must Attack you Force you down Tear off your tights Leave you exposed Shivering Confused Watching as I Stretch the fabric Around my throat Choking Fading Until at last I no longer must Look at you

Light Bondage

If someone you like Tightens your restraints Gags you Makes you wait You don’t know bondage   I no longer want To be bothered by touch But longing Drives me towards a void Where I know bondage