AM and PM

Some mornings I can commit to the fantasy Of you straddling me And me reaching behind you To pull your hair As I bite your neck   On those mornings I lie on my back My pillow is your torso My hand is your hand And your mouth And your pussy   The evenings They … More AM and PM

A Hint

What I want As much as the moment Is to taste you On my beard An hour later To feel an ache In my jaw As I go to sleep To wake up stroking The next morning To the memory of your moans

Separate Spheres

You wait Anticipation swelling I can smell it from your pores Hear it in your breath And see it as you quake   You’ve given yourself Happily ceding control You’re vulnerable Exposed Eager   You’re secure Protected and without fear Trust alive in your eyes Admiring Desiring   I stand before you But won’t let … More Separate Spheres


I name The scuffs on my knees The aches in my thighs The stains on the sheets These are The only offspring Of the moment That we shared They are What I keep with me After you take your leave And seek your next moment  

Reciprocal Mirror

An unwilling spectator I’d prefer to look away You’d prefer that too But I have to look somewhere And it’s everywhere And it sticks to my eyes   Meanwhile I have no active audience Just confused glances From those wondering why I’m smirking And the scornful gaze Of those blaming me for gazing Sorry to … More Reciprocal Mirror