Sunrise Reunion (part 5)

Here is a more recent story about a teacher who gets a surprise reunion when he visits a massage parlor.

Part 5

Scott held her hips and delivered the best fucking he felt he’d ever given anyone. Never had he had such motivation. He could not get over the body in front of him. He could get over the opportunity he’d found. He needed to make this count for him and for her. Pounding with everything he had, he gave Anna a thrashing. He knew he was doing it right as she started crying out in Spanish.

The control was intoxicating. Anna had turned everything over to Scott. They both wanted it like this. Pulling her up by the elbows, he fucked her with her back to his belly. She didn’t mind at all when he pinned her arms behind her back. Releasing her so she could hold on to him, he continued fucking her as they sat up together. His hands ran over every part of her. She particularly reacted when he reached down to rub her clit. The words that came out of that girl’s mouth…

Scott’s knees were starting to give. So were his lungs. Fucking this vixen was testing his age. Still in control, her pushed her flat on her belly and climbed on top. He loved this position. The pace slowed, but all remained intense. Anna was grunting under him. He pushed deeper inside from this angle than he had been able to up to this point. Unexpectedly, a rush hit him.

“I’m gonna come soon, Ms. Rivera,” he warned.

“Come wherever you want, papi,” Anna answered.

“Papi?” Scott thought. That was new, but not unwelcomed. After a few more thrusts and a thorough sucking of the back of her neck, Scott got up off her. He helped Anna to roll over to her back. Spreading her legs and leaning down to kiss her, he slid back inside on last time. She moaned into his mouth.

They kept at it belly-to-belly, but with Scott on top this time. He got up to his knees and hoisted her legs over his shoulders. For a moment, he thought he had enough of a second wind to keep going without coming. She started with the filthy talk again, which ended that. Scott gave her one last salvo of thrusts before pulling out, arching his back, and exploding with stream after stream all over her perfect bronze body.

Anna heaved as his load shined on her skin. Scott got his breath back and looked down to see that smirk waiting for him. He thought he was coming here for a handjob. How could he have known he’d get to fuck the daylights out of a girl who’d been a student at his school just months before? This would’ve been illegal then. Well, it still was, but at least one degree of taboo had been shed. Kind of. He grinned widely up in a reflection of that smirk. Neither of them would forget this moment.

“That was like a X-rated class reunion,” Scott joked.

“Hmm, I’d come to that reunion every year,” Anna said through a laugh.

“You’ve just learned all this since working here, right?” he followed.

“Oh sure,” she said. “I was a good girl in school, you know? All, um, how do say it, studious?”

“You were a very good girl today,” Scott said, winking again.

“Thank you, mister.” Anna said, taking his hand and kissing it.

“Deal’s still on, right?” Scott asked. “Our secret?”

“I ain’t telling nobody,” Anna quipped. “As long as you come here and fuck me like that again, mister.”

Scott didn’t need another frustrating day to make another visit to Sunrise. He just needed to know when Anna was working.


2 thoughts on “Sunrise Reunion (part 5)

  1. I couldn’t wait for this part! And I love it and I liked it more when you mentioned she was Spanish, callings like daddy and papi are just my favourite! You are such a hot writer man. Proper loved this story I hope the have their tryst once again 🔥


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