Sunrise Reunion (part 4)

Here is a more recent story about a teacher who gets a surprise reunion when he visits a massage parlor.

Part 4

Adding a second finger flipped a switch. She began bucking on him, complicating his efforts to continue licking. Determined, Scott kept at it, holding her as much as he could with his other arm. Anna was small, but the girl could move.

She quite suddenly stopped sucking and pulled her pussy away from him. Initially, Scott worried something was wrong, but watching her crawl forward distracted him. Anna paused, reached back to carefully push Scott’s cock flat against his stomach, and began sliding her smooth, soaked pussy along the underside of his shaft. This was more raw contact than Scott was used to from a masseuse. He had no complaints.

The way she moved was pushing him towards an orgasmic edge again. She eased up, which almost was a relief, as he though what she was doing might make him pop. That wouldn’t do. He needed more of this. She gave him more, reaching back again to press him between her ass cheeks. Still on her hands and knees, she resumed her filthy show while turning to watch his reaction. Anna liked what she saw.

“Mister, I can’t take much more,” Anna said.

“You can’t?” Scott replied. “Fuck! What about me? You’re killing me, Ms. Rivera.”

“Mmm, we ain’t done, baby.”

As she said that, she moved his cock from her ass to just under her pussy. She held it at the base while gliding herself over it. With no warning, she put the head in place and eased down over it. She slipped his cock inside, sat all the way down, and cried out, ”Fuck!” Composing herself, she turned, smiled, and with a finger on her bottom lip, said, “Oppsie!”

Scott hadn’t been more shocked in ages. He wanted it—the warmth of her was like a miracle—but he wondered if this was okay with whoever her boss was.

“We can do this?” he whispered.

“Shh!” she replied. “Just enjoy it baby. But don’t tell.”

Anna began riding slowly, working her hips and moving that golden ass like someone her age shouldn’t know how to do. Scott caught her rhythm and began thrusting back. He put his hands on her hips. How could such a tight, tiny ass look so round and full?

Continuing the show, Anna sat up to ride Scott reverse cowgirl. The arch in her back was criminal. He couldn’t resist giving her ass a slap, but he was careful not to leave a mark. She squeaked as he did and sped up to a frisky bounce. Letting go of Scott, Anna clutched her breasts and then ran her hands through her messy hair. She closed her eyes and threw herself into the ride.

Scott admired the view while letting her work his cock. He thought about how often she’d ridden like this in her young life. Still facing away but turned slightly and looking back down at him, she appeared lost in her work, genuinely getting off on top. Her body began to slow. Scott sensed she might have a need to catch her breath. He responded by grabbing her waist, moving her like a toy on his cock, and thrusting from below as he pulled her down against him. Anna’s eyes opened and she belted out an unrestrained scream. Scott fucked her like a doll until she clearly couldn’t take it.

“Mister, mister,” she pleaded, out of breath. “Let me stop. Fuck!”

Scott relinquished and Anna dismounted. She tumbled to his side and started to laugh. Soon, she rolled on top of him. Now belly-to-belly, they giggled together and playfully kissed. Draped over him, Anna was grinding on instinct. In a moment, he was inside her again. Her arms wrapped around his head. Their legs became entwined. His hands gripped her hair, then her ass. Their breathing synchronized. This was becoming more passionate than either had anticipated. Both liked it.

In this position, they couldn’t stop devouring one another. Necks were kissed. Lips were bitten. Nipples were sucked. Backs were raked. Everything moved faster and faster until she sat up again and rode him while cocking her head and flashing that smirk. He gave her some fingers to suck, then took her hips again and moved with her. She was so light. Her belly and breasts were a vision. Scott’s lust overcame him and he accelerated once more. The little teen on top of him was energetic, but she only could take so much. Again she collapsed on him, gasping and chastising him for “fucking her too good.”

When she fell this time, Scott whispered into her ear to tell her to turn around and get on her knees. Anna happily obliged. As she got on all fours and presented her pussy to him, Scott had to stop to take in the glory of what he was seeing. He kissed her up and down her back, caressed her sides and thighs, then slid up behind her and gave her his cock. She lunged forward and lowered her head, then turned around to smile and say, “Fuck me, mister.” Oh, he did.

Part 5 in a few days…


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