Sunrise Reunion (part 3)

Here is a more recent story about a teacher who gets a surprise reunion when he visits a massage parlor.

Part 3

“So, can I get a look, mister?”

“Of course you can, Ms. Rivera.”

He hoped he hadn’t ruined it just then by caller her that. Nothing to fear. She liked it. She was ready to touch him, too.

Anna ran her hand over the towel and then under it. Her grip found his shaft and wrapped around it. Still covered, Anna’s hand began a soft tug of Scott’s hard cock.

“Mmm, he’s ready,” she said. “Let’s see him.”

Never letting go, she used her other hand to remove the towel. She looked into his eyes as she started tugging with a rhythm. Her mouth opened. He could hear her breathing. For some reason just then he noticed that the pure beauty of her belly.

Changing her movement, Anna released her grasp and moved her hands all around his cock. He stood erect as she rubbed his stomach and expertly handled his balls. Where had she learned all this?

“Oh my fucking god,” she nearly shouted, looking away and laughing again. She covered her mouth with the hand that had been on his stomach.

“Too much, or too little?” Scott joked.

“No! No no no no!” she said. “Oh my god, no! It’s not you, for real. He’s so pretty. This is just like crazy, right?”

“It is, but not a bad crazy,” Scott assured.

“I know,” she said, tugging again. “I just can’t believe I’m gonna do this.”

“You are doing it.”

“Yeah, diving in, mister.”

As soon as she said it, she leaned down and took him in her mouth. She sucked delicately for only a few seconds before pausing to let a massive amount of saliva spill out and over him.

“I thought that would be better than oil,” she said, breathing harder than ever.

“You were right,” Scott said.

“Besides, oil fucks up the taste,” Anna added.

“I like the way you think, Ms. Rivera.”

“I don’t do that for most guys, mister. I said you were gonna like this.”

Anna returned to stroking, her hand now slick as it glided up and down Scott’s shaft. Her wrist turned expertly. She watched him intently, appearing quite pleased with her work. He let her know how good it felt. She let him know she knew.

“Let me get up here with you,” Anna said.

“Please do,” said Scott.

She climbed on the table and straddled his thighs. Scott realized he must have been staring with his mouth hanging open. He couldn’t deal with hot she looked riding him like that. Anna scooted up so that her panties were no more than an inch from his cock. She let some spit drip onto the head and resumed tugging, this time with both hands.

“How’s that, mister?”


“I can make it even better for you?”


Anna rose up from her hips and climbed over him. Her pussy brushed against his cock as she passed above it. She kissed and licked his body. Her tits followed everywhere her tongue had been. Sitting back down on his stomach, she sat up again and reached behind her. Grabbing him once more, she stuffed him between her ass cheeks and started to grind.

“Fuck, that is so good,” Scott said through his moans.

“Let me get you wet again,” Anna said.

This time, she reached in her panties, fingered herself while grinding on him, the reached back with the hand she used on herself to smear her wetness all over him. Scott managed to control himself, but it almost made him come.

They continued this way for a few minutes. She rotated her hips while grinning at him, bouncing quickly every now and then to mix it up.

“You look fucking amazing riding like that,” Scott said.

“Mmm, how about another view?” Anna replied.

She got off him, turned around on all fours, and sat down on his face. At that moment, Scott decided Anna’s ass was the point of evolution. Everything had led to this magnificent ass. He should share this with his bio students.

“Like that view?” asked Anna.

“What do think?” Scott replied.

“You can take those off, mister,” she said.

Scott began peeling off the thong. Anna positioned herself to help. As it dropped off the table, she straddled his face again.

“Wanna taste each other?” she asked.

“Everything you say is perfect, Ms. Rivera,” he said.

Scott felt her warm mouth surround his flesh again. Anna shifted and moaned loudly as his tongue made its first pass over her lips. Soon he was licking and flicking steadily, working her clit as she sucked him. Their bodies moved together in a wave. Their voices blended in muffled moaning. All along, neither forgot how insane this was, but both wanted to continue their dive.

Holding Anna by her incredible ass, Scott licked her for all he was worth. He wanted to be sure she was enjoying this. Her voice seemed to confirm it. He couldn’t quite see that mop of purple bobbing away, but he preferred his current view. Wanting to get even more of a reaction, Scott decided to slide in a finger.

“This okay?” he said after he did it.

“Mmm, fuck yeah mister!” she eventually replied. For a few seconds, she had just increased the volume of her moans.

Part 4 in a few days…


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