Sunrise Reunion (part 2)

Here is a more recent story about a teacher who gets a surprise reunion when he visits a massage parlor.

Part 2

They took care of the money. Scott went with a 200% tip, which lit up Anna’s eyes. He was glad he brought enough to cover it.

“Well, thank you, mister,” she said, smirking as always. “Someone wants a good massage.”

“Like I said, just looking to unwind.”

“You get comfortable, hun. I’ll be back.”

Scott went through a familiar routine of undressing, climbing on the table, and covering with a towel. He noticed himself tapping on the wooden frame, clearly rattled by this situation. Was he really about to get a handjob—maybe more—from a girl who was a student at his school just a year earlier? He never talked about this with colleagues, but he routinely jerked off thinking about students. He figured some of his colleagues did, too. This wasn’t something he could talk about with them. He’d never be able to tell anyone about this.

A flurry of questions entered his mind. Had Anna ever thought about him? Had she expected to see a teacher from her school in this place? Was she going to have a problem with this? Is she worried about being exposed? How had she ended up here? Were customers being good to her?

In the middle of his thoughts, the door reopened and Anna returned. Although she kept the smirk intact, she looked timid. She kept peering down. Scott worried she might be too embarrassed for this. He definitely didn’t want her to be uncomfortable.

“You’re sure this is okay?” he asked.

“Oh, I’m cool,” she responded. “I’m usually not like nervous at all, but I’m like real, real nervous this time.”

“You’re nervous?” Scott asked. “I feel like I’m the one who should be nervous. I mean, you know where I work.”

He anticipated her response. “Well, you know where I work too, mister.”

They shared a laugh. They reminded each other to keep this a secret.

“I just need a second to get in my zone,” Anna said.

“Take your time,” Scott said.

“No, I think we should get right to it,” Anna replied. “Just dive in, you know?”

Scott could only smile.

Anna slinked her way towards the table. She moved deliberately, not quite dancing, but with a grace that exceeded her age. Tilting her head and still smirking, she reached out to trace her fingers across Scott’s shoulder. She ignited his skin. The moment was intense.

“You’ve had massages before?” Anna asked, despite knowing the answer.

“Yeah, but I’ve never looked forward to them like this.” Scott felt proud of his confidence with that one.

“I’m looking forward to this too,” she said in a hushed but somehow more convicted voice. “And you’re definitely going to like it, mister.”

With no more than a gesture, Anna bid Scott to lie flat on his stomach. He had been on his side. The towel continued to cover him. She began working his back. Her hands were light. She slid them over him more than she massaged him. The touch was magnificent. She could do whatever she wanted with them.

Small talk evolved quickly. He asked about what else she’d been doing since high school. She let him know she’d been working and saving for school. He asked if she ever thought she’d be massaging a teacher from her school. She told him she hadn’t, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t checked out some teachers while she was a student. Scott was intrigued. Anna was amused. Had she checked him out? Yes. Did she know some of her teachers checked out their students? Yes. Did she know he had checked her out? Yes.

“Why don’t you flip over?” Anna suggested.

“I like that idea,” Scott said.

As he got into position, Anna finally dropped her dress. She lowered one strap at a time, looking down at Scott as he craned his neck to watch. She didn’t smile while doing this. Her expression was more serious, as though she wanted to get to something. That changed as the dress hit the floor.

“Oh my god,” she blurted out as she cupped her breasts and doubled over laughing.

“What’s wrong?” Scott asked, concerned by the sudden change of tone.

“I’m okay,” Anna assured. “I got this.”

She closed her eyes, took a breath, opened them, and returned to that earlier expression.

“Wanna see?”


Her hands slid down to expose her gorgeous butterscotch teardrop breasts, topped with delicious chocolate nipples. Scott had never wanted to taste something so desperately. She cocked her head and bit her lower lip.



Anna twirled for Scott, giving him a good look at her tight little ass. The striped thong was buried in it, the fabric such a contrast with her skin. She stood on her toes then dropped again, giving her butt a few pats. It bounced and shook perfectly as she did this. Scott needed to touch her.

She touched him first. Turning the rest of the way, Anna leaned in and put her hands on his collarbones. They eased down over his chest and over his torso. Scott didn’t believe in magic, but he couldn’t call this anything but magical. Those little hands were feathers floating over him. He was so hard under that towel. As her hands went south, he wished he could cast some spell that would send them even lower. He didn’t need magic. He just needed to wait.

Part 3 in a few days…


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