Sunrise Reunion (part 1)

Here is a more recent story about a teacher who gets a surprise reunion when he visits a massage parlor.

Part 1

Scott needed a massage. No, Scott needed a handjob. His week had been a succession of frustrations. Each school day had worn him out more than the last, He craved a release and knew exactly where to get it.

Sunrise Spa was Scott’s favorite of the local massage parlors. He had never had full service at Sunrise, but he preferred the place nonetheless. He did like the spas that offered full service. The interaction was different though, as most of the attendants at these places barely spoke English. This afternoon he wanted to be able to talk with the person who was getting him off.

Another advantage to Sunrise was its location. It was on the opposite side of town from the school where Scott taught. He didn’t need to be spotted pulling in to the parking lot. However, he didn’t want to wait for the cover of nighttime. Release right now was all that mattered to him. He made the trek straight from work after students dismissed. As far as he could tell, no students or colleagues had any clue.

Scott hadn’t visited in several months. The waiting room looked close to the way remembered it. Something felt askew, but he wasn’t certain what it was. He got excited when he heard some movement behind the door. One of his favorite moments on each visit was when the attendant greeted him. It made the experience come to life for him. After hearing a muffled voice, nothing happened. He waited for a few long moments. The wait was long enough to make him wonder if there was a problem.

The door opened. A tiny frame wrapped in a clingy evening dress stepped out. Scott’s stomach immediately tied itself in a knot. Everything in his world stopped.

The attendant was Anna Rivera.

Anna hadn’t been one of Scott’s students, but he knew her. She knew him, too. She had just graduated the year before. Or was it two years ago? Fuck! What the hell were the chances of this?

He fought the impulse to get up and scurry out the door. What kept him in the room was Anna. Holy shit was this girl stunning. She was smiling and appeared to be suppressing a laugh. He could tell she recognized him, but she was playing the professional. Despite being embarrassed herself, she was going to treat this situation like any other customer coming in for a massage. She might not even acknowledge who he was. If this girl who wasn’t yet old enough to drink could keep it together, so could he.

“Welcome to Sunrise,” Anna said in the faintest voice. “Would you like to come on back?”

“Of course,” Scott replied, grinning.

This was another one of his favorite massage parlor moments. Stepping through that door was a way of leaving the rest of the world behind. This time, the rest of the world had crept its way in. How was he going to address this? Should he say anything? Scott couldn’t tell if he was more nervous about the implications or excited for the opportunity. He couldn’t act like he hadn’t looked at Anna before. She had such a killer little body. He she was walking a few steps ahead of him. She looked smaller here than she had at school, possible because she was barefoot now. Her navy dress perfectly hugged her curves. He could see her ass wiggling under the fabric. Her striped thong was completely visible through it. He remembered her swinging her ass around in the hallways. She hadn’t lost that swing. He had time to examine her caramel back and the poof of purple rigatoni that was her hair. This style was new, almost enough to disguise her, but he knew it was her. Those eyes, those dimples, and that unstoppable ass: this was Anna.

“So, you been here before?” Anna asked, a sexy smirk across her face.

“Yes, yes I have,” Scott replied.

“You the deal then, right?” she asked.

“”You could say that,” he answered. “Just looking to unwind today.”

“Stressful job?” she asked, soaking her words in sarcasm.

“You could say that,” he said, winking.

“Well, here are our prices,” Anna said, pointing to the price list in the hallway like a woman on the set of a game show. “How long of a session are you looking for?”

“An hour will do nicely,” said Scott.

“Okay. I’m available right now, or you can wait for one of the other girls.”

“I‘d like to go with you, if that’s okay.”

“Yeah, I think we can do that.”

Just like that, Anna offered her arm and led Scott to one of the rooms. She looked up and smiled at him, quickly looking down and laughing again. He kept quiet, but maintained his grin.

She opened the room and motioned for him to enter first. Closing the door behind her, she bowed her head and laughed out loud once more.

“Okay, okay, let me stop,” she said.

“Listen,” Scott started. “I had no idea you worked her. Yes, I’m busted. I used to come here all the time. I just decided to come here today for the hell of it. I swear I didn’t know you would be here.”

He was telling the truth. She seemed to believe it.

“It’s okay, mister,” she said. She called him “mister,” just like all the girls at school did. Wow, did he love this. “We’ll just keep this a secret, alright?”


Part 2 in a few days…


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