Dance Partners (part 5)

I wrote this a few years ago while still experimenting with dialogue-free storytelling. This is a tale of two best friends and the build up to a moment between them. Read parts 1 through 4 if you haven’t.

Part 5

Penny pulled herself together enough to joke about winning, although she kept rubbing slowly and gently. She had come, but the orgasm was secondary to other elements of this moment. Zachery was still jerking. She could see he was having difficulty. She asked if he was okay. He moaned and nodded. This made her even hotter. A temptation to help him swelled within. No, they still had some sanctity to preserve between them. She didn’t need to go any further. But his hand, his cock, his breathing. Watching more intently, she decided to dive in the rest of the way.

She told him in a whisper how she still believed a woman could work a cock better than a man. He answered a bit defensively, suggesting he had everything under control. His erection wasn’t as strong as it had been when they started. She asked if he wanted a different scene. Again, he insisted he could manage. Then she took her greatest risk thus far—and with a lack of apprehension that later amazed her. She asked directly if he wanted help. Refusal. A plead. More refusal. She challenged him and chided him for being worried he might like it too much. She guaranteed she could get him off. She inched closer to him. A different version of Zachery may have violently resisted at this point, but this version was more vulnerable and much more receptive. Again she urged, telling him he could close his eyes. She told him he had a pretty cock and that she’d love to see him come. He didn’t seem ready to go along with it, but he had stopped refusing. In the most daring moment yet, topping all others, Penny just grabbed him and took over.

He tensed up when she did it, but he didn’t stop her. He never said anything. As he was about to, she touched his mouth and told him to keep quiet. He smiled, cuing her that this finally was okay. Using just the tip of her fingers, she eased his eyelids closed while milking him with a loving caress. It was loving. She did love him. He was the most important person in her life. This was a moment between friends, if it was not between the same friends who shared such a special life together.

She worked him up and down, twisting slightly, varying her speed, using everything she knew while gauging his response. A little spit helped. He’d been leaking slightly, which also helped. His cock became slick and warm. She felt it firm up in her hand. She leaned against him, watching his face, but also watching his gorgeous erection. A few times she thought about going down, about physically referencing their blowjob contest. No. She could keep him up like this. She could finish him this way. Using her mouth might be too much. She stroked fast, as it seemed to get the best reaction out of him. She smiled while watching him twitch and shiver.

Soon, Zachery began breathing through his mouth. He gasped a little. Penny found his pitch to be cute. His voice was higher, more feminine during arousal than any guy she’d known. Her stroking became determined. She stuck with the movement that had gotten him this close. His eyes remained closed, which was fine with her. He was crying out in short puffs, sounding like he was getting fucked. She loved this. A little more. A little closer. Out of nowhere he asked to her to go faster, which drove her nuts. That’s it. Faster. Faster! Keep going. Don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop. Almost! Just a little more—!

Zachery shouted as he came all over his shirt, her arm, her hand, and seemingly everywhere else. Penny kept tugging until she could feel him begin to diminish. Tenderly, she rubbed the warm, shiny semen into his skin. He opened his eyes and smiled. Her smile reflected his. They laughed together. This was a relief. A quick peck on the cheek stemmed any possible strangeness between them. She asked if he felt better. Then, more playfully, she asked if she was the best. He simply joked that she was okay for a chick, prompting her to whack him with a pillow. They laughed again and hugged, holding one another for several long minutes. One of them quipped that they could never tell anyone. The other followed by asking whom they’d even tell, a question they finished in unison.

That night, alone once again in her room, she had the most remarkably intense orgasm of her entire life and slept better than she’d slept in months.


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