Dance Partners (part 4)

I wrote this a few years ago while still experimenting with dialogue-free storytelling. This is a tale of two best friends and the build up to a moment between them.

They talked, but only about the videos and her reaction to them. Penny let Zachery know how she found watching men pull themselves to be erotic and how surprised she was by also finding men fucking other men to be stimulating. He concurred and invited her to join the proverbial club. Forcing out the words, she asked if he’d like to watch some with her. The suggestion stirred some discomfort, as he openly questioned why she’d want to watch with him, knowing that it was going to get her all wet. Surprising herself further, she said she’d feel safe watching with him and wanted to understand what he liked about watching. They could trade notes. They could critique. It would be something to share. The way she put it seemed harmless. A new guilt emerged in her, as now she felt manipulative.

Watching together on the couch worked better that sitting in either of their rooms to watch on their computers. Zachery had some DVDs, so they watched them on the flat screen. Penny’s pulse quickened as the scenes played, but she was able to maintain who she’d always been with him. They watched and laughed, socks rubbing together on the coffee table. For a long stretch, they continued to be one another’s best friends. They finished one another’s jokes. They pulled out obscure references only known to the two of them. All was as it had always been. It stayed that way until a scene about a jerk-off contest. The guys were trying to see who could come first, but they inevitably ended up jerking one another off. For her, this was reminiscent of their blowjob contest idea, so much so that she mentioned it. A crack appeared when she said this. He admitted how completely turned on he was by the scene. She hesitantly admitted her arousal. Just then, they became like a pair of awkward adolescents, on the verge of fumbling experimentation.

The scene was long. After admitting their arousal to one another, they sat silently, staring and yearning. He broke the tension with a joke, but she took a different tone. The blood had drained from her brain to her loins. Maybe the sudden lightheadedness was to blame. She asked if he wanted to masturbate with her while they watched the rest of the video. The words were out. No taking them back. An eternity unfolded between her query and his response. Just before he answered, she tried to cover herself by saying it would be just like the contest in the video. They could race. They wouldn’t have to look at one another. It would be a bonding experience. Their entire relationship dangled in the air above her. He rescued it for her by agreeing.

Holy shit! Was this happening? She played it as cool as she could and let the moment evolve. At first, he insisted they not look at one another, which he claimed would be too strange. She went along with this by nodding. He giggled as he reached for his cock and laughed several times while he tried to get started. She laughed when he laughed, but the laughter didn’t distract her from what she was feeling. Not looking added to the comedy. The comedy helped the experience retain a feeling of being theirs. But something else happened as they sat together, touching themselves in tandem. They’d never been in one another’s company while being completely aroused. People become a different version of themselves in this state. As the minutes passed and the blood took over, they weren’t exactly the same two friends they’d always been. She felt this first, but soon he felt it.

Their history played as movie scenes in her mind, corrupting her focus temporarily. Then Penny caught a peripheral glimpse of Zachery tugging himself. She hadn’t done this by accident. Instead of honoring his request, she kept looking. When he noticed, he recoiled slightly, but with a laugh once again. She comforted him and told him she really liked watching guys, but the guys she had known had always been hesitant to let her watch in person. Penny flat out asked if she could watch him. Not being exactly the same person as when they had started, he allowed her. She turned. Watching was too much for her. The scene on the screen had ended and new one had begun, but she barely noticed. Zachery was the show.

His cock was smaller than in her fantasies, but she liked watching him work it. She watched eagerly as though viewing an event only happening once in a generation. As she did so, she rubbed herself until her arm was tired, switching when she couldn’t maintain speed and pressure. Oh so briefly, she hesitated, unsure if she could let herself come in his presence. The tension had built to this though, and getting off was going to be easier than usual. Just seconds after she felt the first convulsion, she burst, exclaiming loudly while her body shuddered on the couch.

Part 5 in a few days…


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