Dance Partners (part 3)

I wrote this a few years ago while still experimenting with dialogue-free storytelling. This is a tale of two best friends and the build up to a moment between them.

Part 3

Morning arrived again. With it came a sense of guilt and confusion, but a sense of satisfaction as well. When she saw him, she felt slightly uncomfortable, but also a bit horny. He didn’t know, which heightened her excitement. The secret still needed to be a secret. She knew it was wrong and she remained confused and embarrassed. Her uncertainty lingered, but so did her arousal. Keeping the secret was hot, but this new, completely inappropriate fascination with fucking her gay best friend had a hotness to it she hadn’t felt before. She feared for her friendship with him, but didn’t let that stop her from relishing the secret. The fun she was having with it surprised her and made her feel like someone else. The less like herself she felt, the more she could convince herself to accept her fantasies.

Penny joked with Zachery about how porn could be better than partners. They dove into a conversation about likes and dislikes in porn. He found this totally innocent and spoke without any inhibition. She realized she was leading him. His answers weren’t just informative. They were instructive. They were giving her material to work with. After they parted that morning, she binged on gay porn. She’d watched some before just because she thought the guys were sexy, but she hadn’t let herself get into it. Getting into it was easy now and she went berserk with it. In minutes, she had a dozen windows open. All the cock and abs and jerking and sucking and fucking and grunting overwhelmed her. She sat on the edge of her desk chair, one hand on the mouse, and one hand down her panties, rubbing herself raw and craving something she couldn’t quite grasp.

The apartment door opened and shut. Penny leaped in the chair like a teenager whose parents had just come home. Too many windows were open to close them all and the volume was way up. Why was Zachery back home? He was going to catch her! All her excitement washed out of her, replaced by the reality of how fucked up her fascination had been. She made a desperate and hurried effort to appear to be doing something else, but this only made her seem guilty of something. He stayed in the kitchen and she stood in the middle of her bedroom not quite knowing what to do. Had she remained at her computer, he may not have noticed her, but with her door slightly ajar, he caught a glimpse of her standing nervously, prompting him to peek in and check on her.

Zachery asked with a laugh why she was just standing there. Although she could have stated something simple about trying to decide what to wear, she heard herself say something that shocked both of them. She confessed to watching the videos. The words fell out of her, but she made no effort to stop them. He listened with his eyebrows raised as she explained how their talk that morning had made her curious. She kept going, admitting to masturbating and getting freaked out by him returning home so soon. He said he thought this was odd, but he didn’t damn her in any way. At that moment, she stammered. Her confusion hung around her and apprehension held her tongue before she asked or suggested anything else. Practically, she knew he was in a hurry and was just stopping back because he forgot something. Carnally, she wanted to sit down and watch these videos with him. Maybe she could open up to him about her new fascination while they watched together. No! This was completely insane. She let the silence hang between them, hoping he would say something. He did, laughing off her gay porn quirk and telling her he’d let her get back to it. Her heart sank into her gut as he left and stayed there for most of the afternoon.

He had no reason to suspect her of anything but curiosity and horniness. She hadn’t revealed herself. Having the day off tortured her. Each hour was a battle between lust and guilt. Scenarios played out in her mind. The realistic ones ended with the most important relationship in her life being twisted into a strained mess beyond hope of repair. She masturbated a few times to get her desire out of her system, but this was the kind of desire that didn’t leave with her orgasm. Should she admit all this to him? Should she let it burn within her? She couldn’t distract herself with any other thoughts. The afternoon took on the size of days.

In the evening, Zachery came home. Their routine returned and felt as it always did. They had dinner. No palpable weirdness, although Penny was working to conceal hers. She had an idea she wanted to suggest, but couldn’t bring herself to mention. She wondered if he noticed how measured she was being, but he gave no indication. While she was in mid-thought about what to do with herself, he brought up the gay porn incident from earlier. This released some of the tension. Tension! There had never been tension between them. There wasn’t any now. It was all within her. She decided she had to get it out. He was her best friend. He was her dance partner. If anyone was going to understand this, he would.

Part 4 in a few days…


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