Tipping Point (part 6)

I wrote this story about a dullard who decides to unwind at a strip club and finds out that “extras” can be a reality. This story came from a stretch of writing stories from a male point of view. Most of my male characters have been nervous types who overthink everything. This is the final part. See Parts 1 through 5 if you haven’t.

Part 6

The whole time, Chris had somehow missed the mirror across from them. He watched for a few seconds. Seeing himself do this made him briefly contemplate the repercussions. He imaged a camera behind that mirror recording this. He thought about how he’d have to live with the knowledge of this submission to impulse. Guilt bubbled. The thoughts were taking him out of the moment until Autumn caught him watching and smiled.

“Fuck me harder,” she whispered, blowing him a kiss.

That brought him right back. Guilt? What the hell was that? Chris had a hot stripper to fuck. In the moment once more, he gave it to her as wickedly as he could. His hands had been squeezing her breasts together. He let go to pin her arms behind her back. Autumn seemed to lose her composure at this. Maybe she was acting—she did sound a bit like a woman overdoing it in a porn scene. If she wasn’t, he was doing something right. She cried out over and over, urging him on. Watching in the mirror, he saw her head hanging, her eyes closed, and her mouth wide open. Her breasts bounced impossibly fast. Chris was going faster than he knew was sensible. He was in some savage mode. He wanted to fuck her with everything he had, but he didn’t have much left. His body was going to give, or his cock was.

“Gettin’ close,” Chris said as he exhaled.

“That’s it, baby!” Autumn moaned. “Tell me…when y’all…gonna…come.”

Her voice did it for him. He let go and pushed her back down on all fours. She grunted and turned, flipping her hair. She almost sneered at him, but she wasn’t angry. He knew she wanted one last pounding. He gave it to her, grabbing her hips and annihilating her. As she screamed, he felt a rush from within. This was going to happen. He wasn’t going to try to stop it. Everything felt too good. Continuing wasn’t an option. He had to come.

“I’m gonna come!” he shouted through his breath. “I’m gonna come now!”

“Okay baby,” she said. “Where do you want it baby?”

He didn’t expect her to ask. The question actually delayed him for a moment, which turned out to be perfect for what came next.

“Can I come on your tits?” he asked, unsure if this was an option.

“Here,” was all she said.

She crawled away. His cock fell out of her, bouncing as though electric current was pulsing through it. She rolled over and faced him, motioning him to come forward.

“Take that off,” she said.

Chris hadn’t come yet, but it still was right there waiting. He pulled off the condom and tossed it aside. Autumn looked up, smiled, and pressed her lovely tits together. She looked at him, then down at his cock. It was time.

“Fuck!” was followed by a loud series of moans. Chris pumped his cock his hand a total of three times before it exploded, blasting out a massive load all over Autumn. Most landed in her cleavage, but some splattered closer to her neck. At least a little hit her hands. She watched with apparent glee as it dripped down her heaving chest. —–

The next few minutes were about cleaning up, getting dressed, and each of them gushing, “Thank you!” Autumn asked if he was going to leave satisfied. Of course he was. Then he remembered the tip.

Reaching for his wallet as Autumn covered with a robe, the realization of what he had spent (and what he had fucking done!) hit him harder than his load had hit Autumn. He was going to be prudent and frugal. What happened to that? This was crazy. This was beyond crazy. This was—fuck! He was going to have to go to the ATM again. Crazy. Was it? Or was it just what he needed? Why had he ever thought it wouldn’t be?

“I need to withdraw more to tip you,” he said, sounding somewhat sheepish and embarrassed but pleased with himself inside.

“That’s no problem,” she said. “Y’all already gave me a nice tip all over these titties. That extra $200 would be great, though.”

Great indeed. After getting dressed, Chris walked with her back through that long hallway. Reentering the club, he saw many more customers. How long had he been back there with her? He wondered if anyone knew what they’d just done. On the walk to the ATM, he wondered how his next statement would look. No point in worrying now, he thought. What was done was most certainly done. Was he a sucker? Maybe. If he was, he was a sucker who just had one fantastic afternoon. He was a proud sucker. Grateful, too. He’d be thanking Autumn in the shower for weeks after this.

Having a look at his watch, Chris still had some free time left before his colleagues would get to town. He didn’t care how he’d spend the rest. He’d already had a day those zeroes could never take from him. He told himself it had been worth it.


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