Tipping Point (part 5)

I wrote this story about a dullard who decides to unwind at a strip club and finds out that “extras” can be a reality. This story came from a stretch of writing stories from a male point of view. Most of my male characters have been nervous types who overthink everything. Read on to find out how Chris ultimately lets go. One more part after this.

Part 5

She crawled forward, which made Chris sad for a moment. He had wanted to make her come, but he was curious about her other plans. She didn’t give him much time to wonder. She positioned herself over his cock and gave her ass a sultry shake. Her inner thighs brushed against his cock. So did her pussy. The tip of his cock just barely touched her. In that moment, Chris wanted nothing in the world but to be inside her. She grabbed him delicately, eased him against her flesh, and began to glide up and down, rubbing her lips along his full length.

“This is soooo bad, right?” Autumn said as she turned back to him.

“Oh, fuck!” was all Chris could say.

She was soaking wet. He knew she’s be perfectly warm inside. Autumn moved slowly. Chris wanted to pump back into her. He wanted to slip inside. Rather than thinking about safety, he was afraid he might accidentally burst inside her sooner than he wanted. Interestingly, worries about being the guy at work who fucked a stripper bareback never entered his mind. He let her lead.

“I better not get carried away,” Autumn said.

Just as Chris was getting lost in what she was doing, she dismounted. She got off of the table with a bit more ease she had climbed on. Reaching in a tiny bag Chris hadn’t previously noticed, she pulled out a condom. Although he was attracted to the filthy-hot notion of fucking her bare, this probably was a sound idea. It was a confirmation that this was real, too.

“We should probably use this,” said Autumn, sounding like she didn’t really like the idea. She opened it and put it on him, giving him a few loving tugs and a kiss on the stomach.

“What’s your favorite position, hun?” she asked with his cock in her hand.

“I’m gonna go with doggie,” Chris replied.

“I like the way you think,” she said. “Make some room, baby.”

Autumn climbed up again, faced away from Chris, and got on all fours. She put her ass in the air for him, wiggling as if to say, “Come get it.” Up to his knees now, Chris got behind her and slid his cock inside. His total commitment to this was unprecedented and unpredicted. Something about grabbing her waist and leaning in made the moment even more real than being inside her. He was doing this. He was fucking her.

Chris worked, but Autumn put on the show. She was a performer even as he slapped against her from behind. She gyrated and lunged, moaning and crying out for him to fuck her pussy. The table rocked much more than before, but Chris was fixated on Autumn’s ass shaking before him. Soon, he had to focus everything he had on not coming.

“Fuck! Fuck—!” he cried.

“Gonna come, baby?” she asked. “You can come whenever you want, just tell me.”

“Don’t want to yet,” Chris strained to say.

He wanted to get more of his money’s worth, but this already had been really fucking good. Riding Autumn like this was incredible, but having not counted on anything like this happening, he was more than content with the memory he had collected. There would be pride, not shame. Coming now would be fine. Aside from his rationalizations, Autumn’s pussy, her body, and her dirty mouth weren’t leaving him much choice. He was going to pop, and soon.

Soon, but not yet. Autumn arched her back for him. She turned to watch him as he pounded away, letting her mouth hang open and gasps of air fall out. Her mouth turned to a smirk. Chris took this as a cue to alter the position. He wrapped his arms around her. He lifted her up, cupping her breasts and pressing her back against his stomach. The change in pressure helped. Her dirty mouth didn’t.

“Yeah, fuck me baby!” she cried.

Chris mustered a grunt. He held her up and pumped from below. She began to ride with him, sliding her pussy up and down the length of his cock with each one of his thrusts. He kissed her neck. She sucked his fingers. Chris felt more passion between them than he would’ve imagined there being. They both seemed to be giving in to the animals inside.

Part 6 in a few days…


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