Tipping Point (part 4)

I wrote this story about a dullard who decides to unwind at a strip club and finds out that “extras” can be a reality. This story came from a stretch of writing stories from a male point of view. Most of my male characters have been nervous types who overthink everything. Read on to find out how Chris ultimately lets go. I’ll be posting the remaining pieces of his adventure over the next few days.

Part 4

They entered a room that was little more than a closet. It wasn’t any bigger than the booths for the lap dances, but it had a table stuffed in it. The table had a pink sheet draped over it. Autumn shut and locked the door, then patted the table and smirked at Chris.

“How ‘bout y’all get up here and get comfortable,” Autumn implored.

Chris hopped up like a kid at a doctor’s office. He sat on the edge of the table, unsure what to do next.

“You’ve never had one of these, have you?” she asked.

“Can’t say I have,” Chris answered, trying not to sound nervous.

“Tell you what,” Autumn said. “You get yourself a little more comfortable.”

Chris wasn’t sure what she meant until she began tugging on his shirt. She wanted him to undress. A mixture of excitement and trepidation swelled inside. Some blood began to swell in his cock, too.

“That’s it, hun,” said Autumn, helping him with his shirt. “Don’t be shy. Pants too.”

She stopped him at his underwear and then she urged him to lie down. Chris wasn’t certain if that was a relief. The table felt slightly shaky, but he figured it had held up with others on it. Autumn wore a bra and panties. She climbed up on the table, struggling somewhat. Chris wondered how often she had done this. She straddled him and looked down. Now he wondered what was next.

“So you know, you just paid for a dance,” Autumn said. “Anything else that happens back here is just between two friends, okay?”

“Sure thing,” Chris said, liking the sound of that.

Autumn began to grind on him. A song played in the distance, but it was muffled. She wasn’t really dancing to it. She was riding the bulge in his underwear. There was no way she didn’t feel that. Chris could feel her pussy embracing it as she rolled her body over him.

“Don’t you tell anybody about this, you hear?” said Autumn.

Chris replied with a soft “Shhhh…”

She began kissing his neck, still grinding away. Even as the kissing sent a clear signal about what was going on, Chris was a bit unsure what to do with his hands. This didn’t quite feel natural yet. Autumn sat up slightly and unhooked her bra. Taking a chance, Chris reached for her breasts. She smiled and laughed. As he cupped them and rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, hesitation began to melt.

Autumn moved up his body, gliding her breasts across his skin. She pressed them into his face. This time, Chris instinctively sucked. He licked her nipples like this was a normal activity in a strip club. Autumn didn’t seem to mind. He felt her reach between her legs. She grabbed his bulge. Her hand petted him for just a few seconds before reaching under his briefs and pulling him out. He almost couldn’t believe this was happening. He sucked more while she laughed and stroked.

She syncopated her body’s movement with her stroke to simulate fucking him. The two of them maintained eye contact, each smirking at the other. Chris felt her rub him into the crack of her ass. She wrapped her thong around him, leaving no real barrier between them. Tucking him deep between her cheeks, she picked up her pace.

“Bet you haven’t had a dance like this before,” she quipped.

“Fuck no,” said Chris. “This is fucking incredible!”

“Mmm, we’re just getting started, baby,” Autumn said. “Just remember two things.”

“I’m listening,” said Chris, straining somewhat at the sensation down below.

“The more you want to tip, the more we can do,” she said.

This was a twist. He hadn’t expected to spend more than the $150. However, she had him where she wanted him. In this position, she could get him to spend any amount.

“I want to tip a lot,” Chris said. He did some quick calculations. “A whole lot. What would another $150 get me? What about $200” Had he just said that?

“Hmm, I think that will get you laid,” Autumn said with a laugh. “Yeah, you’ll have a good fucking time.”

“So what was the other thing?” Chris asked.

“Oh, just tell me when y’all gonna come,” she answered.

This was so far beyond anything Chris had expected. Was he really going to spend this much money? Was he really going to put his cock inside this stripper? As he thought about it, Autumn sat up, turned around, an put her ass in his face. She did this without ever letting go of his cock. He felt her breasts slide down his stomach and then felt her weight rest on him. She began tugging gently again. When he felt her blowing puffs of air up and down his shaft, he knew he wasn’t turning back.

“You can do whatever y’all want to do back there,” she told him.

Not a second after she finished saying that, he felt her warm mouth engulf his cock. She took his head and most of his shaft in one gulp. Her lips and tongue drew back slowly before she bobbed on him again.

“That ain’t too much, is it?” she asked.

“Not at all,” Chris answered as he began kissing her ass. When he nuzzled against her thong, moved it to the side, and gave her pussy a lick, she said, “There you go, baby! That’s what momma wants.”

No longer was this a dance. As Autumn sucked and Chris licked, this had progressed beyond a dirty massage or a lap dance with some extras. They were going down in tandem, moaning and slurping and licking together in rhythm. The table wobbled beneath them, but neither noticed. Chris held her tight by her tanned ass and worked her clit with the tip of his tongue. Autumn gripped his cock in one hand while holding on under his knee with the other. They were loud about this, but no one was back in this part of the club to hear them.

“You’ll like this, baby, “ said Autumn. She inched forward and wrapped her breasts around Chris’s wet shaft. His cock slid between them with ease. She began bouncing on him, giving him a titfuck like he’d never felt. He pumped back into her, which made her giggle. He never stopped licking, which made her sigh.

“You sure can eat pussy, baby,” she told him before crying out. “Damn it, y’all!”

She rotated her hips and Chris held on, licking her as she moved. He had to get in deep to reach her clit. Autumn had plenty of ass and just as much thigh. He took a chance and teased her with a finger. She moaned for him, so he took more of a chance and slid the finger inside. Autumn called out, “Fuck baby!” and put her mouth back on his cock. He licked and fingered as best he could, but Autumn’s body shook so much he had trouble hanging on for the ride.

“Mmm, you close to coming yet?” she asked, gasping as she took his cock out of her mouth (she put it back as soon as she finished the question).

“No, not yet,” he answered.

“Good,” she said. “I want to play a little more with you. Sure you’re good for that other $200?”


Part 5 in a few days…


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