Tipping Point (part 2)

I wrote this story about a dullard who decides to unwind at a strip club and finds out that “extras” can be a reality. This story came from a stretch of writing stories from a male point of view. Most of my male characters have been nervous types who overthink everything. Read on to find out how Chris ultimately lets go. I’ll be posting pieces of his adventure over the next few days.

Part 2

“I think I’ll stick with one song for now,” Chris said.

Autumn smiled, apparently assuming the dance would be with her. He had surveyed the room and she was his least favorite. Chris preferred brunettes, plus he liked thinner, more petite women. He didn’t want to offend her, though. She had been trying so hard to talk him up. He decided to throw her at least $35.

Taking his hand, Autumn led him to one of the booths. He figured he paid her in there. They settled the bill and he had a seat. As soon as he did, Autumn hopped on top of him. No tease, no twirl, she just climbed over him and straddled him.

“You get right to it, don’t you?” Chris asked.

“I make every minute count,” said Autumn. “You pay good money for this.”

As the words left her mouth, she reached between their bodies and grabbed Chris’s crotch. He was hard already, so she had no trouble finding his shaft and giving it a squeeze. She slid up and down his body while tugging him through his pants. She wasn’t kidding about making it count.

Autumn released her grasp, but then smothered him with her ample breasts. She watched him as though waiting for something, but then slid down his body once more. As Chris watched, she cradled his bulge between her breasts, squeezing them together while milking him. This was incredible. This was so much what he needed right now. She could tell he was digging it. She knew just how to work him.

Turning and bending over, Autumn backed into Chris and worked him with her ass. Her curves looked best in this position. His impulse was to thrust. Given how forward she had been with him, this didn’t seem out of place, but he resisted for fear of ruining the good time. She sat on him, facing away and leaning back. Again, Chris wanted to wrap his arms around her and cup those breasts, but he figured this might get him kicked out. He tried to settle himself, realizing her dance was working too well. For just a split second, he imagined a colleague watching. He wanted to give a sinister little wave.

The song was winding down. Autumn turned around to straddle him once again. She reached down to pet his cock. Chris felt each finger individually find and trace the length of his shaft. Then she hit him with it.

“We could do another song for $20,” she said. “Consider it a special since you’re from out of town.”

Chris thought to himself that this really wasn’t a special if the cost of two dances was $55, but he wasn’t about to call her on it. Instead, he just said, “Yeah, let’s go with another one.”

Autumn smiled and rewarded him with more petting. They kept going through another song. This time, she put a nipple in his mouth. She stood over him, teasing him with her now-exposed pussy and letting him watch from just inches away as she slipped a finger inside. He kept wondering if she wanted him to participate more, but he didn’t even ask. Autumn returned to his lap, bounced on him, and rode him a few different ways while doing some tricks to flaunt her flexibility. This was all nice, but his mind had become fixated on something specific. He wanted her hand back on his cock.

“I can tell someone is having a good time,” Autumn said through a smirk.

She petted Chris’s cock again. He didn’t want her to stop. While he didn’t realize this, the desire in his eyes was amusingly obvious. She grasped him. Her fingers nearly connected through the fabric as they wrapped all the way around him. Her tugging quickened, making Chris think she was trying to get him off in his pants. She just kept grinning, her lips inches from his.

“Oh yeah, he likes that a lot,” she said.

Chris was without words. He had forgotten everything about where he was and why he was there. No trade show. No colleagues. No budget. All that mattered was Autumn’s hand. His breathing was faster than he had realized. His body was shaking slightly. This was just supposed to be a lap dance! He ignored any aspect of the morality of his situation and thought only about how he wanted her to keep tugging. He wanted her to pull him out of his pants. He wanted to come.

The song ended. Autumn kissed Chris’s cheek, stood up, and pulled up her thong. He somehow had missed her getting completely naked. Autumn coaxed a tip out of him, which didn’t take much coaxing. Chris didn’t say anything about a third dance. As he collected himself, he began fretting over how much he had spent. He was well within his budget, but he had spent a chunk of it quite quickly. Horniness had beaten the need to remain frugal.

They left the booth and Autumn strutted away with a fistful of Chris’s money. The place remained mostly empty, but a pair of other guys had entered while he was with Autumn. Each new guy was at a table with a dancer. He knew they were chatting up the guys for dances. As he crossed the room, he passed these indifferent pairs but felt the eyes of the dancers at the bar all over him. He wondered if any had claimed him. Was there a pecking order? Had Autumn taken him first because of seniority? She did look older than the rest. Who would be next? Would he choose, or would one of them choose him?

Part 3 in a few days…


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