A Gap Between (part 3)

As with some others I’ve posted, I’m not sure how I feel about this story, but I’m going to post it regardless. I wrote it a few years ago in an attempt to capture a scene of strangers separated by space and age having a flirty and dirty chat. I’ll post it here in pieces.

Part 3

up early 40m: I’m on my back now. Your right leg is over my left leg. My left hand has ahold of your ankle so you can’t move it. You’re struggling, but I won’t let you go.

up early 40m: I like that you’re squirming, though.

18 f likes older: mmmm

18 f likes older: this is really fucking hot

up early 40m: Our legs are in a “V” and I’m stroking inches from where you’re rubbing.

up early 40m: Now my right leg pins down your left. You’re prone. I’m not letting you up until you cum.

18 f likes older: ohh fuuckk

up early 40m: How close are you?

18 f likes older: fuckin close

18 f likes older: mmmmm

18 f likes older: really need this

up early 40m: Me too.

up early 40m: I take your free hand and place it on the hand I’m using to stroke. I want you to move with me.

18 f likes older: mmm uh-huh

18 f likes older: anything u want sir

up early 40m: You’re going to take over now. I want you to finish me.

18 f likes older: ok sir

18 f likes older: i like you in my hand

18 f likes older: feels good?

up early 40m: Feels really fucking good, baby. Keep going, just like that.

up early 40m: I’m going to take over for you, too. Now I move my right hand to your other wrist and gently move it to the side.

up early 40m: I slide up and down your pussy with one finger. I feel how wet you are.

up early 40m: I trace your lips ever so lightly, up and down, all around.

up early 40m: Now I make little circles on the tip of your clit.

up early 40m: My wet fingertip flicks your clit. I move faster and faster.

18 f likes older: ohhhhh

18 f likes older: fuuuucckk

up early 40m: You like when I tease your little clit?

18 f likes older: oh fuck yessss

up early 40m: Now one finger slips inside. Slowly. Gently.

up early 40m: Now two. They face up and pull towards me inside you. I just barely move them at first, but soon I speed up.

18 f likes older: fuck

18 f likes older: omg this is hot


The exchanges started getting shorter. Whole words became tricky to type. Initially, he had insisted on typing complete, punctuated sentences, even if she wasn’t going to do so. He became less and less careful as he fought back his ejaculation. They didn’t share this with one another, but each of them had managed to get their keyboards slightly wet. They each also kept quiet about their mutual surprise. How had the tone of their earlier chat had morphed into this? Neither had time to contemplate the dynamic with much depth. They were immersed in this encounter and where it ultimately would lead. The foundation they had established made the current exchange more meaningful, but at this point in the conversation, they each needed release. She felt close to coming. Sometimes she struggled to reach orgasm, but this time she was going to get there, and soon. He pictured her hand tugging him. Through this, he focused on keeping her worked up enough to come, and to not pop off on his own before she did.


up early 40m: I can cum whenever you need me to…

18 f likes older: ohhhh

18 f likes older: ur amazing

18 f likes older: will u cum with me?

up early 40m: Of course. keep going. imagine my fingers inside you. Let go and let me make you cum.

18 f likes older: close babe

18 f likes older: so clooose

18 f likes older: ohhhhhhh

up early 40m: i’m throbbing for you. Arch your back baby. ride my fingers if you have to

up early 40m: Fuck my fingers. cum for me…

18 f likes older: yesssss

18 f likes older: gonna cum?

up early 40m: Yes. You ready?

18 f likes older: yeah

18 f likes older: ohhhhhh

18 f likes older: cuuuummmiiinnggg

up early 40m: Thats it baby! do it!

up early 40m: Close…

up early 40m: so close to cumming for you

18 f likes older: Mmmmmm

18 f likes older: ooohhhhh

up early 40m: oh shit

up early 40m: gonna cum for you

up early 40m: fuuuccckk

18 f likes older: oohhhhhh stil ccumminggg

18 f likes older: omg omg omg

up early 40m: cumming for you now…

up early 40m: ohhhhhhh….

up early 40m: fuck baby

18 f likes older: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

up early 40m: I came so much for you. It’s everywhere…

18 f likes older: mmmmm I love it…

18 f likes older: want it all over me

18 f likes older: want to taste u

up early 40m: Good girl. Such a good girl.

up early 40m: My chest is heaving.

up early 40m: You still going?

18 f likes older: mmmmm

18 f likes older: catching my breath. holy fuck…

18 f likes older: i don’t think i ever came like that

18 f likes older: what did you do to me?

up early 40m: I just wanted you to feel good.

18 f likes older: u made me feel so good

18 f likes older: thank you sir

18 f likes older: 🙂

up early 40m: You made me feel good too, baby.

up early 40m: Good, good girl.


Part 4 in a few days…


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