A Gap Between (part 2)

As with some others I’ve posted, I’m not sure how I feel about this story, but I’m going to post it regardless. I wrote it a few years ago in an attempt to capture a scene of strangers separated by space and age having a flirty and dirty chat. I’ll post it here in pieces.

Part 2

They continued with basic pleasantries. Where do you live? What do you do? Are you a student? What are you studying? They were hundreds of miles apart, but still in the same time zone. While location didn’t matter, somehow this was better than being separated by an ocean. The content was dry, but much like what would develop between complete strangers in public. They kept it civil and platonic. She felt he was sincere and really wanted company. He liked that she kept chatting and hadn’t closed the window.

The morning passed as they got to know one another. Soon they were discussing insomnia, college life, career aspirations and pitfalls, and a sundry of topics neither had expected to engage. They found they shared more than a few personality traits. They each smiled sincerely several times, although neither could see the other doing so. She laughed at his dumb jokes. He grinned self-satisfied when she acknowledged him. Had they been having this talk in public, a passer-by would say they were hitting it off.

Eventually, the conversation moved to less platonic territory. Neither directly propositioned the other, but the turning subject matter reminded each of them why they had logged in close to two hours earlier. They began by discussing the apparent and often bizarre kinks of the other users. From there they discussed some of what they each craved. She answered his questions about her fondness for older men. He answered her questions about why talking with someone so much younger appealed to him. The next volley of messages involved clothing (or lack of it), furniture, and what one another’s free hands were doing. She suggested they should get around to doing what they had logged in to do. He was surprised how much this jolted him, but also was delighted to oblige her.


up early 40m: I’m at the other end of the futon, leaning back, but turned slightly to face you. Do you want to watch me stroke for you?

18 f likes older: yes. my legs are spread. one is hanging over the back of the seat. the other is on the floor

18 f likes older: my panties are still on, but they don’t cover much

18 f likes older: you can watch me

up early 40m: Seeing you like that has me crazy hard. Knowing you want to see me makes me want to tug my cock.

18 f likes older: mmmmm

up early 40m: I can pull it out for you.

18 f likes older: please

18 f likes older: i want you to

up early 40m: I’m reaching in. I grab my shaft and pull it out over the ribbing of my underwear.

up early 40m: I’m already rock-hard for you, standing straight up.

up early 40m: I’ve got myself in my right hand. I’m stroking slowly, twisting with each stroke.

18 f likes older: nice

up early 40m: I can reach your right leg and I surprise you by caressing you from your calf down to your foot. Let me massage it just a bit. I promise not to tickle.

18 f likes older: mmmmm perfect. thank you

18 f likes older: giggles

18 f likes older: sighs

18 f likes older: i’m rubbing through my panties, i’m already wet

up early 40m: Good girl. Keep going…

up early 40m: I’m kneading your foot, pressing against the sole with my thumb. I’m also watching you touch yourself, speeding up with my stroke while you do it.

up early 40m: I keep massaging you while I stroke. You keep playing with your pussy.

up early 40m: Do your fingers feel good?

18 f likes older: mhmm

18 f likes older: yesss

up early 40m: Slide under your panties. Keep rubbing. Use your wetness to get your fingertips slick and then tease your little clit.

18 f likes older: yes sir

up early 40m: I really like when you call me sir.


Back and forth they continued. The fantasy and reality blended and blurred. In her room, she was positioned just as she had described. She worked herself over at his direction, soon with a pair of fingers deep inside. She liked him telling her how to do it. She really liked playing in parallel with their shared fantasy. He stroked passionately and his shaft was soaked and glistening with his own slick fluid. He struggled to type fast enough to keep up with her. Her generation seemed to have faster fingers. Urgency compelled him, making him feel like he was there with her, helping her find her orgasm.

Part 3 in a few days…


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