Ride Home (part 6)

This is the first of many stories I wrote for friends back when I began dabbling in erotica. Like other recent offerings, I’ve been posting it here in pieces. Here is the final piece.

Part 6

This needed to get where it was going. He pulled out his finger and repositioned himself more directly under her. Grabbing his cock, he put his head in place. His bare head worked between her lips, around her clit, and then back to where they both wanted it. He told her to sit on him. Feeling him in place, she slowly she worked her way down his length. She was so wet they could hear it. This moment was everything to both of them. Nathan felt it, but still couldn’t believe it. He was bare inside of her! Bare! Fuck!

They rocked together for a few slow strokes and then kissed again. Her tightness was incredible. Her muscles were like a hand clenching him. Every square inch of skin was on fire. When she sat up, the change in pressure hit all the nerve endings between them. They both felt this with potent immediacy. It was too much, but exactly enough. Ally bounced on him, closing her eyes and clearly loving it. He thrust back into her, which opened her eyes back up and made her cry out. They moved together and found a wave to ride after a few undulations. They embraced, and their open mouths exchanged hot breath just inches apart.

Nathan pulled away and leaned back again. As he did, he looked up and smiled. She wasn’t quite composed enough to smile back. He could see her in mid-moan and he continued thrusting from underneath, grabbing her hips and banging her from below. He took over. She let him. Her entire being shook. Her tiny body looked so perfect getting pounded like this. She screamed, but then looked down at him with a determined expression and fucked him right back again. Holy shit, she was fast. She wasn’t just riding and he wasn’t just slamming her. They were fucking each other. Hard. Loudly. With complete disregard for anything but the moment. In a parking lot. Just an hour after school. He celebrated by smacking her ass wickedly. She definitely approved.

“Uh! Yeah! Fuck me, Mr. M.! Fuck me! Please! Smack my fucking ass! Yeah!”

After a few more smacks, he leaned back even more. She leaned back too, supporting herself on the dashboard with one hand and the driver’s seat with the other. They fucked in an “X”, finding that wave once again. This position provided a great view, but they struggled to maintain it. He grabbed her open blouse and pulled her back to him. They were sitting up belly to belly and they relaxed the pace. Now they rocked together slowly and sensually. Instead of savage and animalistic, this was pretty and tender. They let it ride for several minutes. Then with perfect suddenness, he grabbed a handful of hair, pulled her head back, and pounded the shit out of her again from below. She let out a staccato moan. The car was rocking. The rain kept pummeling the exterior.

More smacks, more filth from one another’s lips, more unrestrained moaning. Then he released her. He let her work on her own again. She sat up, now bouncing straight up and down on him. She hopped on his cock, taking every inch with each noisy up and down. Her pussy felt fantastic. Her tits were in full view. This was just more than he could take. He wanted to keep going, but this was the most ridiculously hot time he had ever had. Was it for her? He wanted it to be. He kept instinctually pumping from below and he felt himself losing control. She was so fucking wet, so fucking tight, and she was going nuts on top of him. It sounded like she had already had an orgasm or two. What do they feed these kids nowadays? He wanted to keep pounding, but he had to tell her.

“You’re gonna make me come,” he said.

“Yeah, come for me Mr. M.!” she cried.

“No, I mean like right now,” he gasped. “I don’t think I can take much more. Slow it down.”

“Nah-ahh.” She was laughing. She began to hop even harder, even faster. He joined her, grunting.

“Seriously, I’m gonna come!”

It welled inside him, and he knew he was going to have to let it go.

“Yeah, do it Mr. M! Do it Nathan! Come for me!”


He looked at her face. Eyes, mouth, hair. He watched her and syncopated what he saw with what he felt. Then he looked down, and watched her pussy gliding up and down on his cock. No more. He couldn’t hold out. This had to happen now.

“You want it inside Ally?”

“Uh-huh. Do it! Come in my pussy!

“You sure?”

“Oh! Uh! Yes! Do it!”

Of all the insanity of this afternoon, nothing topped this. Years of ambiguous discomfort came into focus in a loud, shaky orgasm. He blasted into her, filling her completely. His voice cracked as he shouted. She screamed with him. As he shuddered, she rode on, the hot semen adding to the wetness between then.

His gasps returned to breaths. Her hopping slowed and she collapsed upon him, smiling with her eyes closed. They kissed passionately and then sweetly, all while their mixed fluids began to drip out of her.

In the far corner of this empty lot, they sat together, combined in flesh and fluid even if separated by age and station. For the moment, his fears were washed away. No, he hadn’t addressed how they were going to manage in the artificial setting of school. More importantly, they had addressed the real and meaningful energy between them, losing themselves in an amazing experience to find it. The rest of the world was gone right now. They were all that mattered.

When the heaving subsided, Ally was the first to speak. Nathan was still inside her, and she was still on top of him. The mess could wait.

“So, maybe this was like a prequel to my story, right?” she suggested.

With a completely different mindset than just two hours earlier, he formed an answer.

“The first in a long, best-selling series, I’d say.”

Their laughter drowned out the rain, which had never stopped falling.


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