Ride Home (part 5)

This is the first of many stories I wrote for friends back when I began dabbling in erotica. Like other recent offerings, I’ve been posting it here in pieces. I have a few more pieces to post.

Part 5

He leaned back. In one of the most intense moments in either of their lives, she reached over while steering with one had. Her light caress ran over his bulge. She indeed could feel him. Her hand was electrifying like nothing else could be. This was happening! No first kiss here. She just touched his crotch. She squeezed her thighs together. He thought she might be wet already

“Go ahead.” He motioned with his chin, and she began to massage and squeeze.

“You really liked the story?” she asked.

“I really like you,” he answered.

She had to stop to shift a few times, but her hand kept coming right back to his bulge. This was late afternoon in city traffic. People could see. Inhibition was gone.

“You want to go somewhere?” she asked.


Soon they were on yet another detour. She continued to massage his erection through his pants as they drove out of the grid of the city and beyond the big box stores. When they got far enough south and near the stadium lots and industrial parks, he upped the ante.

“You really want to feel me?”


Looking around for traffic, he undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and grabbed her wrist. He slid her hand into his pants. Her palm coiled around his shaft and they both moaned. Her grip was cold, but his flesh warmed it. She shifted, then reached in and pulled him out. Yes, his bare cock was exposed and one of his students was stroking it. He assisted by slinking down. Massaging turned to even strokes. The strokes got faster as he traced her thigh with his fingertips.

“You don’t get cold in this skirt?”

“Skirts are hot, not cold.”

“Um, sure. You know I look at your ass everyday.”

“I know.”

“I’ve, um, thought about you.”

“What did you think about?”

He reached up and slid a finger from her cheek to her lips. With no more prompting than that, she expertly sucked, like she had wanted to do so this whole time. He watched and wondered how often she had done that before.

They reached a light.

“I bet there is no one in these parking lots today,” he said with a hint of suggestion.

“What are you saying?”

“Pull into this lot and drive to the corner.”

She did. He was right. There wasn’t anyone anywhere: no attendant, no cars, just them.

They parked, but she didn’t turn off the engine. She left the heat on. However, with the car stopped, the sound of the rain on the roof and windshield rushed in to fill a brief silence between them.

“So what do you want to do, Mr. M.? Or should I call you Nathan?”

They figured this out together without additional words. She wrapped both hands around his cock. He ran a finger around her lips until she sucked again. They leaned into each other and kissed hard. It was wet, sloppy, and noisy, with hands everywhere and a feeling of passion being unrestrained at last. She grabbed him again and tugged madly on his cock. Yes, this was exactly what they had both craved.

“Fuck it,” she said as she hunched down, taking his cock in her hot mouth in one gulp. At first he just moaned. His cock was in her mouth! Fuck! Next, he leaned back, awkwardly trying to adjust the seat for action. She hummed and sucked with the skill of someone twice her age. He was twice her fucking age! Her lips, tongue and hand worked in glorious but furious harmony, like she needed to make him come immediately. She looked up.

“You like it Mr. M.? You like when I suck your cock?”

“Fuck yeah, Ally. Keep going. You’re fucking amazing!”

Her ass was up in the air. At last he could see her panties. Skimpy. Mauve. Frilled. Not casual. The curves of her ass pointed towards the roof of the car and swayed. She was devouring him. The windows were fogging. There was traffic noise from a distance but they couldn’t tell if anyone was around. Most likely not. They didn’t care.

Suddenly she stopped. She was panting and drooling. She lifted up his shirt and sucked on his stomach.

“You want to keep going, or do you want to fuck my little pussy? Do you want to fuck me, Mr. M.?”

“Um, I don’t carry condoms to work.”

“Fuck it. I’m on birth control. Can I please ride your cock, Mr. M.? Please?”

“You know now I’m really going to have to spank you after this. Come here.”

She slid her body up his body in a fluid downward dog movement. She kissed him again and then straddled him in the passenger seat. He felt her ass and those tiny panties pressed against his shaft. She reached behind her and tugged a little, pushing him deep into her ass crack and gyrating slowly.

After a few minutes of hard grinding and deep kissing, she took off her sweater and opened her blouse. He pulled down her bra and attacked her breasts with his whole mouth. She cried out as he sucked and bit her nipples. He gave her hickeys all over her breasts. Meanwhile, she reached back and grabbed him once more. While she tugged, he positioned his hand so he could reach between her thighs. His fingers found her pussy and he rubbed it up and down through the silk. This didn’t last long before a finger was inside her. As he bit her neck, he told her to ride his finger. She did, fucking it and calling out like a porn star. All along, she never let go of his cock.

Part 6 in a few days…


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