Ride Home (part 4)

This is the first of many stories I wrote for friends back when I began dabbling in erotica. Like other recent offerings, I’ll post it here in pieces.

Part 4

“Thanks again, Ally. Had you been planning to give me a ride?” Nathan asked, realizing the slip as he made it.

“No, just lucky,” Ally said. “You just live a few blocks from here, right?”

“Yes. Anywhere close is fine.”

A pause. Should he? No. His entire career could hinge on this. Wait. He can’t. Can he? Maybe? He has to, actually. Yes. Now.

“You know, I read your story,” he said.

Ally shifted in her seat and smirked. “And?”

“I’m really flattered, but you know that sort of thing could get me in a lot of trouble.”

“Um, and you’re like, in my car now, right?”

“Right, but this is relatively innocent.” Nathan continued. “That story was not, nor was giving it to me. I wanted to talk with you about it, but I didn’t want to do it at work. Really, I should show that to your counselor and we should all meet about it. Your feelings are your feelings, but that was the wrong way to share them.”

He was being mostly honest in saying this, but leaving out the parts about apprehension, raw lust, and confusion. He skipped over their silent history, his awareness of her crush, and his less-than-wholesome interest in her. He left out the parts that could get him in trouble. He felt proud.

“So you’re gonna turn me in to the authorities?” she asked.

The way she asked this excited him and accelerated his pulse. It also corrupted his reasoning. That self-destructive part of him reemerged.

“No,” he said. “I respect you too much for that, which is why I didn’t address it at work. I believe you know what you’re doing. You and I have a good relationship in class, right?”


“We’ve known each other for a few years. I think you know I treat my students with respect. I’m not going to shit all over your feelings like that.“Thank you.” Her voice was softer. She sounded touched by this.

“But your story, well, was something. Spanking you in the classroom during a morning detention? Getting detention just to be in the building with me in the morning? Playing footsie with my crotch?”

“I know, I’m sorry. It just came out. Hormones, you know?”

She blushed, but retained confidence. This conversation wasn’t as forced or bumbling as either thought it might be. Before she could continue her defense, Nathan interjected.

“I do know. And—”

This was another turning point. What he said next was going to be one of those crucial, irreversible junctures in life. Would he condemn her? Emphasize her need to redirect her feelings? Or would he play along with her? Would he be honest with her and respect the person she was rather than the student he taught?

She interrupted his pause. “Um, yeah?”

Fuck. Should he say it? The air needed words. Damn it. With his livelihood, prison time, and shame all burning in front of him, he gave in to the need to feel as alive as he knew this moment could make him. Every missed opportunity to feel something real flashed before him. Years of regretting chances not taken hung over him. Of all the connections he had with students over the years, none had been as ripe as this one. He had to pick it. Whether intoxicated by the moment, motivated by self-destructiveness, or really choosing what he thought was best, he took the next step.

“It was really hot.”

There. He said it. This was out there. No taking it back. Now what?

“Uh, thank you,” she said sheepishly, that smirk returning. After a brief pause, she continued. “Did it turn you on?”

“Yes,” he answered, but went much further. “Actually, I’ll be frank. You turn me on. I really like when we talk. You get to me when you ask about my life. It drives me nuts when you ask about my tattoos and when you talk about yours. I think about how if I was younger, if you were older, all that. This kind of thing happens, you know. I’ve never thought there’s anything wrong with it, but I’ve never considered acting on it.”

“So what, you’re considering it? You know that was just a story, right?”

“You mean you just turned in a story about swallowing my semen simply to get my thoughts about the composition?”

His use of sexual vulgarity was new to her. She reacted visibly, shifting again in her seat.

“Well, yeah.” She smirked again.

He realized they were taking another indirect route. He prepared to call her bluff about the story and call it with total abandon.

“Right. And I’m not hard right now.”

Nathan felt he could see the words in the air after he said them. He watched Ally blush and put a hand over her mouth. A muffled laugh followed, along with several giggles and a staggered “Oh, my, God.” He had just leapt from another cliff, and a fucking high one.

“Shut up, really?” she asked.

“You want to check?” he responded, to his own near-disbelief.

Suddenly, he was in up to his eyes. Definitely no turning back now. Why not push it from here? The tone was there. Maybe he was misreading it, but he didn’t think so. This was going to either be perfect or horrible. He was ready to find out which.

“Really? I don’t know Mr. M., should I?”

He could tell from her voice she was onboard with this. It was cool. It was real. She was playing along.


Part 5 in a few days…


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