Ride Home (part 3)

This is the first of many stories I wrote for friends back when I began dabbling in erotica. Like other recent offerings, I’ll post it here in pieces.

Part 3

“Any other time I’d pass, girls. But if you don’t mind…”

Wow. He really just said that. He was going to climb into a car with a pair of students, just blocks from his school and in front of dozens of people. Not just any pair of students, either. One of these students had made this daring gesture earlier this week, the kind of gesture that could start a life-changing fire. He was dumping racing fuel on it. No one made him do this. He could have refused their offer and kept walking. He could have taken the bus. This was what a part of him wanted—a part strong enough to overpower any good sense or mature rationality. He told himself it was harmless. Shannon was in the car. They wouldn’t be alone. He could do this.

Shannon opened the door, stepped out, and let Nathan in the back seat. He got a look at himself reflecting on the rear window. With his tan raincoat, tweed sports coat, and trimmed beard, he was the picture of an English teacher. He wondered how long he would continue to be one. Had anyone seen this happen? Well, there would be an excuse, he thought. The weather. The subway. He could explain this to staff or students. This was natural. Okay, natural except for the one issue. The girl driving the car had handed him an unsolicited erotic story deliberately naming him as a character just days earlier. That little issue still hovered, but he kept telling himself no one else knew.

Nathan settled in the back seat, doing his best to not soak everything. He apologized for being drenched. Ally told him not to worry about it. They crept through traffic. He felt eyes on him again and he scanned the streets from the back seat. To his relief, he didn’t notice anyone noticing. After some silence and some hushed chatter between the girls (which increased his nervousness), a conversation began. The girls quizzed him about why he didn’t have a car. Banter ensued that was not unlike what would go on before class or during homeroom. Somehow, this felt comfortable. He was at nearly ease. The girls alternated between speaking with him and with each other. At times, he almost felt they’d forgotten about him and he almost forgot where he was. They were just giving him a lift. He was like a piece of luggage. Good. However, he kept glancing at Ally’s bare knee. He would fixate briefly, then catch himself and look away. She didn’t seem to notice. He thought about her panties again. He was the one making this weird, not her.

They arrived where Shannon worked, which shook Nathan out of his thoughts. He hadn’t thought much of the indirect route they had taken downtown. As she got out, Nathan did, too. He began to say he’d walk from there. Nope. Not a chance. Knock it off, Mr. M. Get back in here. Ally told him she’d take him the rest of the way. Nathan had another chance to get out of this. He didn’t have time to dwell on it. He said goodbye to Shannon, then looked back in the car at Ally. Cold rain trickled down his neck. Okay, fine. That didn’t take much. He got back in the car and sat down—passenger seat, this time.

Nathan had always maintained solid relationships with his students, and they seemed to like and respect him. The relationships had been wholesome. Yes, over the years a few girls made some flirty comments to him or appeared to make eyes with him. A guy or two had done the same. He dealt with these appropriately. No big deal. He had become close with some students because of mutual fondness for music or poetry or art or whatever else. He liked sharing of himself with students and having them share with him. He was the teacher who would go check out his student’s bands or see them in crowds at concerts. Students liked this about him, but the familiarity didn’t color interaction in school.

This was different. There wasn’t just tension with Ally. There was the unspoken connection two loners often share. If he had lusted after another student, he could’ve dealt with this handily and privately. He could’ve maintained an appropriate relationship in class. He figured most of the girls he liked would’ve felt uncomfortable about any perceived attention from him. With Ally, he suspected a mutual interest. There was warmth between them that had grown from mentorship, but it had morphed into this new and dangerous thing he detected between them. All year he had measured his interactions with her. Maybe she had grasped his discomfort and decided to toy with it. Wise beyond her years, this one. And he loved that about her.

Here he was in her car. He was in her fucking car! Just the two of them! This had been masturbation material just nights before. He had conjured possible ways for this to happen, but had likened them to insane pipe dreams. This was no dream. And hanging over them was the story. Yes, he had to deal with the story. If he was ever going to address it, he had to do it now. No one else was listening. He hoped she wasn’t recording him with her phone. He went for it regardless.

Part 4 in a few days…


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