Ride Home (part 2)

This is the first of many stories I wrote for friends back when I began dabbling in erotica. Like other recent offerings, I’ll post it here in pieces.

Part 2

Nathan had taught Ally during her sophomore year. He was fond of her, but in the same way he had been fond of other reserved but talented students. Sure, she was pretty, with messy raven-black hair and disarming white eyes. Sure, she was intuitive and creative in ways that endeared her to him. Despite all this, Nathan had taught other pretty, smart students without being completely distracted by them. He should have been able to teach her impartially. She didn’t make that easy.

Now Ally was a senior and “old enough to vote and know better,” as Nathan repeatedly told himself. This year, she was in his English class once again.

Importantly, she had chosen the course this time rather than letting her counselor pick for her. He felt flattered whenever students went out of their way to pick on of his classes. With Ally, it felt different. She seemed like she had a need to be near him. Maybe she just valued his style of instruction. Maybe.

During her sophomore year, Nathan noticed something about her. She seemed to leer at him in class. At first he thought she disliked him for some reason. She didn’t volunteer often and only did so when everyone else was stumped. Being his go-to answer source may have annoyed her, he thought. He had hoped it would make her feel important. She was something of an enigma, offering to help when she could, but doing so out of earshot of others. Then one day he heard another girl tease her in the hallway about “her husband.” It was playful, but he never forgot that. Several times after that he saw Ally giggling with other girls after passing his classroom. Eventually, she began travelling alone. He wondered why.

She often visited his classroom unannounced during her junior year. This was the year she distanced herself noticeably from others. She came to him with questions about her writing, her assignments for other teachers, and college. She confided in him about her family. So did other students, but Nathan had this feeling another layer existed with Ally. He liked it in a way, but it made him uncomfortable.

From the start of this year, she seemed more assertive. Still selectively aloof, she was more engaging and confident with adults. She joked with Nathan in class, but also probed into his personal life at other unexpected times. She emailed him through his work email much more regularly than other students did. He caught a few whispers from other students about her being his pet and about her wanting to stay after school with him. He ignored all this in the presence of students, but burned with it on his own. Ally had been a pretty girl all along. This year, a definite sultry sexiness had transcended that prettiness. She had the packaged aura of a little vixen, although her demeanor didn’t match this. He caught himself looking at her. He wondered if he was creating a tension in his head, if or something was brewing between them. Then with no indication she had planned to do so, she gave him that story.

He was walking the same direction as her car. Fuck! She was stuck behind a bus and about seven other cars, too. She would still be at the intersection when he got there. What would he do? Just wave? Ignore her? He couldn’t change his route. He inched towards the subway. A window lowered. No time to decide.

“Mr. M., why don’t you have an umbrella?” asked the passenger girl, Shannon.

“What, for this?” he asked, gesturing towards the sky. “C’mon, this is nothing.”

“Don’t you hate taking the train?” This time it was Ally

“Public transportation is a foundation of contemporary civilization,” he answered. “But yes, sometimes.”

The girls laughed. He wished them a safe drive home and continued towards the subway. He hadn’t realized it initially, but he was half hard. From that? What the fuck? Then Shannon’s voice called again. They only managed to get a few car lengths before the light turned again. End of the day traffic. Sigh.

“You know the train isn’t running today?” she asked.

What? He hadn’t noticed the unusually large crowd by the bus stop. He hadn’t noticed the subway entrance gate was down. Was someone fucking with him? It’s like a bad script, he thought.

“Hey Mr. M., we’re going downtown,” said Shannon. “You want a ride?”

He knew he couldn’t do that. They had to know he couldn’t do that. Considering what had been going on for the past few days, this was the worst possible action he could take. But, in that moment, a self-destructive sentiment swept through him. That element that had bothered him—the silent reason for not letting anyone know about the story—took over. He had fantasized about opportunities like this since he was a student teacher. Where there should have been shame, there was anticipation. Getting in the car with them wouldn’t be like getting a ride from any other students. It wouldn’t be like attending a school function with students, or bumping into students at the mall. The difference was Ally was driving.

Others had captured his attention over the years, but not like she had. He had dealt with students having crushes on him in the past. Similarly, he had squelched crushes he had for students. Nathan was human. Sure, sometimes he found students attractive. He even had lusted after a few, but he kept these thoughts to himself. He always wondered how many other teachers dealt with such feelings. He never asked anyone. Stories in the news made him think the number was higher than parents would like to believe. Strangely, he found this comforting.

The situation with Ally was new. For years, he had felt something emanating from her. It infected him. This year it had become something more intense than a tender teacher-student bond or a cute little crush. An inappropriate sexual tension seemed to be there. Until she gave him that story, he tried to believe he had invented it. No chance of that now.

Here was an incredible moment. He could get into her car. A few days earlier, Nathan had a moment of personal weakness at home. His mind drifted to thoughts about Ally’s story. He imagined her small body next to his. Before he could consider the icky implications, he impulsively milked himself thinking about being alone with her. After he came, he felt like he had exposed himself. He did feel a degree of shame, even fear. He could never tell this to anyone. Although he tried to move past it, he ended up stroking several more times in succession. That night had been a dizzying blur of paranoia and orgasms. To his disbelief, a situation eerily similar to his most private fantasies presented itself to him right now. This was a magical moment he would regret passing up, or regret diving into.

Part 3 in a few days…


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