Window Seat (part 5)

I wrote this story close to two years ago. At the time, I was experimenting with telling stories within stories. Here is the final part. See parts 1 through 4 if you haven’t.

Part 5

“You’re killing me with this, Josh,” Cindy said. “I’m not sure I should be reading this on a plane.”

“Thank you, thank you,” Josh said. “Do continue, though. I think the best part comes at the end.”

“Teasing me, huh?” she said.

Cindy looked back to the screen. She continued as Cathy and Jonathan moved their exploits to the bed. He got naked. She kept on the skirt. He licked her. She sucked him again. They continued together, rolling across the mattress.

Joshua hoped Cindy was picturing Cathy and Jonathan fucking. He hoped she thought about how Cathy felt when she sat on Jonathan’s cock and began hopping on it. He hoped she imagined Cathy getting flipped onto her back as Jonathan laid into her. He wondered if Cindy liked it when Jonathan turned Cathy over again, brought her to her knees, and banged her from behind.

Cindy bit her lip a little when she got to the two of them standing up together and fucking against the wall. Joshua noticed. She uncrossed and re-crossed her legs when she read about them moving back to the chair where they started. She read on

Cathy’s back slid up and down along Jonathan’s stomach. Her ass slapped against his thighs as she bounced on him. Leaning forward, she sped up her dance, crying out for the adjoining rooms to hear. She didn’t care. She needed this. He held her waist and watched her body move. When she seemed to tire, he pulled her back again, wrapping his arms tight around her chest and neck, pinning her against him. He thrust into her from underneath. Her cries became louder. His hands went everywhere, grabbing her breasts, probing her mouth, and squeezing her throat. The chair nearly tipped and they both laughed as they regained balance.

 “I have an idea,” said Jonathan.

He paused and leaned forward to enable the webcam on the laptop, which was still open on the table. The two of them appeared on the screen. Cathy turned back to him and smiled. He kissed her neck, bit her ear, and then licked her lips and kissed her as hard as he had done that first time. He pulled her arms down to her sides and held them fast against her body as he resumed pounding her from below.

Cathy leaned back into him, letting her body go limp. She wanted him to take her. At points, she had wanted to ride him and control the movement, but he had worn her out. Now, she really gave in. He could do what he wanted with her. She loved letting him have his way with her body. This didn’t feel like him using her. It felt like him giving her what she craved. He had some intuition for how she wanted to get fucked. She’d later joke about how Jonathan should be the real sex therapist. For the moment, she just wanted to feel him hold her motionless while he throttled her pussy. Cathy lifted her head to watch her body bounce on the laptop screen. Seeing her form shake made something boil within her. Quite suddenly, she felt herself getting close. Jonathan didn’t know this, but he wasn’t going to have to try any harder to make her come.

As Cindy read that last sentence, the screen went black. The battery died on Joshua’s computer.

“No!” cried Cindy. “The battery died while they were on the chair! He had turned on the camera! Oh, I want more!

“Don’t worry,” said Joshua. “I have it saved. And I brought a charger!”

Joshua tried not to show just how pleased he was. He found the charger and connected it to the outlet. He got the screen back on for her. Then the captain announced the beginning of the final decent. How had the whole flight passed already?

“Well, I guess I’m going to have to pack that up soon anyway,” he said. “I can email the story to you.”

This was good. He’d have a way to contact her. He’d have her wanting more.

“Yeah, you better,” she said. “You can’t leave a girl hanging.”

The plane descended, landed, and taxied to the terminal. Joshua and Cindy gradually returned to small talk. He knew his story had gotten to her. Before they started filing out of the plane, he reminded her.

“I’ll need your email address,” he said.

“Definitely!” she answered. After she wrote it, she added, “Here’s my number, too. Maybe I’ll see you around.”

“I’d like that.”

“Me too.”

They strode into the terminal and walked together until they reached ground transportation. Each had other plans and obligations, so this would be goodbye for now. There was no hug, but a flirty wave. That would do. Joshua watched her walk away, blending with the rushing bodies all around. A trail of dirty words followed her.

Joshua made his way outside. Baggage claim had been annoying and had distracted him momentarily from his yearning for Cindy. Waiting for a taxi, he saw more sexy travelers, who sent the blood rushing back to his cock. He decided to send Cindy a text, just to say hello, but also to give her his number.

Less than a minute later, she replied.

“Looking forward to finishing that story,” read the first text.

“Might want to read it at your hotel,” read the second one.

“I’m so glad I booked that seat,” Joshua said out loud.


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