Window Seat (part 4)

I wrote this story close to two years ago. At the time, I was experimenting with telling stories within stories. I’ll continue posting it here in pieces over the next few days. See the previous installments if you haven’t.

Part 4

“How far along are you?” Joshua asked.

“Cathy and Jonathan are about to get it on in the hotel room,” Cathy said.

“Ah,” Joshua said. “I’m hoping you dig this part.”

“Me too. Don’t worry. I’ve been digging all of it. Really, you’re great.”

“Flattery is always welcome. You should write a review.”

Joshua smiled, but he wanted to jump up in his seat and high-five the air. He thought about Jonathan and Cathy in the story. He crossed his fingers for his chances with Cindy. He was so glad they ended up together in this back row.

Cindy shifted again in her seat. Her finger rubbed the track pad, nudging the text up the screen. Her eyes continued their flutter across Joshua’s words. He almost wished she would read the story aloud to him. He wanted to hear the way she would annunciate the words during the sex scene. Watching her mouth while she read would’ve been intense. He wished he’d written that into the story. Knowing where she was in the story—and that she was into it—made him more rather than less antsy. His gesture was obvious. How would she respond?

This time Joshua shifted in his seat. Grinning while staring at the screen, Cindy read the scene between Jonathan and Cathy:

Jonathan stood behind Cathy, running his fingers through her flowing brunette mane. He gave her scalp a tender massage. Cathy loved this as much as Jonathan loved doing it. She responded by reaching back and grabbing fistfuls of his jeans. His fingers found the nape of her neck. She shivered slightly at this. If that made her shiver, Jonathan wondered what his tongue would do to her.

Cathy leaned her head to the left to give him better access to her neck. She wanted to urge him without asking. Her fists released his jeans. Now, eager hands began stroking his thighs. Seated, she could press the back of her head against his crotch. Again, this excited both of them. Meanwhile, Jonathan’s fingers continued to explore, caressing her neck and then making their way to her shoulders. She closed her eyes, smiled, and rested her head against his body. She could feel his erection through his jeans. He lovingly kneaded her shoulders as she nuzzled against his bulge.

As the back of Cathy’s head rolled over his trapped cock, Jonathan’s hands slid down to her breasts. Anticipation was building. He grabbed each simultaneously and got a breathy moan out of her. His hands squeezed gently and his thumbs circled in search of a pair of hard nipples. He could feel them, just as he could feel Cathy pushing against him. Pleased but wanting more, she clasped her hands around the backs of his thighs and pulled him closer. He released her breasts only to slide each hand under her sweater and grab them again. His hands felt warm on her skin. Her nipples felt like they’d burst between his fingers.

With each squeeze, Cathy’s back arched a bit more. Her skirt had begun to ride up, exposing bare thighs to the leather chair. The chafing excited her, but not as much as Jonathan’s hands. They had reached her belly and were petting it in waves. Jonathan liked feeling her belly quake. Cathy liked feeling him do anything. She rocked her head back and forth over his cock and she could feel him beginning to thrust against her in rhythm. One of his hands moved up from under her sweater and over her mouth. He gave her one finger at a time to taste. She was giving herself to what was happening when Jonathan abruptly spun her chair around.

Now facing one another, Jonathan looked down at her as she looked back up. Their eyes met. Their mouths hung open. He grabbed her hair and kissed her hard. Cathy felt herself getting carried away. She was okay with it. They moaned and gasped together as their tongues and lips meshed. Jonathan pushed her away as suddenly as he had spun the chair. Grabbing her sweater, he yanked it off over her head, leaving her hair to fall everywhere. He pressed her breasts together and stuffed the bulge in his jeans between them. Jonathan thrust between her breasts through his pants as she pawed at his stomach and chest.

The bra came off. Her breasts spilled out. Cathy clawed at Jonathan’s shirt for a moment. Her hands found his crotch. She kissed him through the denim while looking up and laughing in delight. He reached down and scratched her back. Her busy hands cupped and cradled him before working on his belt and fly. Bent over as she worked, Jonathan reached for her hips and pulled up her skirt, finishing what the chair had started. She got his pants undone and pulled them down just enough to release him. Upon seeing his erection bounce to attention, she bit her lower lip and cooed. Jonathan’s hands moved back up her sides to grab her hair again. One of her hands climbed under his shirt while the other grabbed his shaft. She took him in her mouth with a delighted moan, and he held her hair tight.

Cindy crossed her legs and then uncrossed them. She turned to Joshua and smirked. She slowly shook her head to suggest he had been bad. He took this as a good review. She looked back to the screen, letting go of a deep breath. Joshua pretended to read on as well.

Cathy began milking him lovingly. She had fantasized about this. Now she slurped and stroked with deliberate, careful slowness, humming as she did it. Jonathan held her hair and wanted to thrust, but he let her suck him as she wished. He tossed his head back and called out her name. She let him flop out of her mouth and slide against her cheek.

“You like that?” she asked.

“Fuck yeah, baby,” he replied.

“You haven’t had your cock sucked until a trained sex therapist has at it,” she said.

With that, she took him back in her mouth without using her hands. This time she closed her eyes and sucked him hard, her head bobbing quickly. The motion shook both their bodies. Jonathan felt his legs giving. He inched slightly closer and leaned towards her again.

“I want to feel how wet you are,” he said.

“M-hmm,” was all she could say with his cock nearly down her throat.

He kept a hand on her head while the other made its way south. Along the way, he teased each of her nipples. Soon he was between the warmth of her thighs. She spread her legs for him. His fingers reached her panties. More anticipation. Although he couldn’t see her panties from this angle, he wondered if they were the same ones from the pictures she had sent. He rubbed her briefly before pulling the fabric to the side. She definitely was wet. He lubed the tip of his finger with her wetness and began swirling it over her swollen clit. She gave a muffled moan as he did it. When he slipped a finger inside, she took him out of her mouth to cry out “Fuck!”

Part 5 in a few days…


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