Window Seat (part 3)

I wrote this story close to two years ago. At the time, I was experimenting with telling stories within stories. I’ll continue posting it here in pieces over the next few weeks.

Part 3

They chatted at intervals. Joshua would pause and stretch. Cindy would do the same. She’d ask how it was going. He’d chide her playfully for being impatient. She’d laugh.

Joshua asked about what she was reading. She told him it was just a junk romance novel, but it had some steam here and there. This kept getting better.

Joshua’s first idea was too direct. He was going to tell a story about a writer and sex therapist meeting on the plane. They’d get into a lively chat about masturbation and public sex fetishes, which naturally would lead to them covertly helping each other out during the flight. The idea gave him a hard-on. He was grateful his laptop kept this hidden. No need to appear too excited. Although the idea made him horny, he figured he could concoct a better one.

Cindy read as Joshua’s fingers began dancing over the keys. He had something. He could barely contain himself and didn’t feel he could type quickly enough. Cindy occasionally glanced without turning her head. She kept her eyes off the screen, but definitely noticed his enthusiastic typing. Joshua liked that she was peeking at his fingers.

A few hours and several hundred miles later, Joshua cracked his knuckles and stretched again. This was his way of signaling he was finished. He was nervous, but he really wanted Cindy to read it.

“Can you tell me how it’s coming along yet?” asked Cindy.

“Actually, I’ve finished a draft,” said Joshua. “It’s sloppy, but I don’t have time midair to edit it.”

“Oh! Can I read it?” She sounded so eager.

“Of course,” Joshua answered. “You can’t make fun of me though. I don’t know if it will be as steamy as what you’re reading.”

“Here, let’s trade,” she said.

They did. Handing her his laptop was symbolic. He rarely had shared his writing in such a raw form. He told her this and hinted at how exposed he felt. She appeared touched by this. He watched her eyes as she began to read:

On such a crowded flight, one could expect to share a connection with at least one other passenger. The odds of getting seated next to that passenger must be long.

Cindy looked up after these two sentences. “Are you serious?” she asked.

“Just keep reading,” said Joshua.

She did. It continued. A famed author of erotic fiction sat next to an alluring young sex therapist (Joshua took some liberties). He found her striking. She knew his work. They made that connection. He told her he’d write a story for her on the flight. She loved the idea. A few hours into the flight, he handed her his work. She began to read.

“Oh, this is hysterical,” said Cindy. “You’re good.”

“Please, keep reading,” Joshua responded.

Cindy read on. In Joshua’s story, the author wrote a story about an author meeting a sex therapist on a plane. He titled it “Intimate Regression.” Cindy smirked at that. So did the sex therapist in the story. The sex therapist, Cathy, read on to find her doppelganger in the story getting turned on by the fictional author’s story. The doppelganger and the author met after the flight for a filthy romp in a hotel room. Reading about the romp excited Cathy, who suggested that life should imitate art to Jonathan, the fictional author.

Joshua worried his idea might be too clever (or confusing) to work. He feared the worlds within worlds would become muddled and Cindy would be more lost than lusty by the end. He pretended to read the story Cindy had up on her tablet, but he found the present moment too distracting. He kept wondering where she was in the story. He also wondered if he could tactfully snoop for pictures on her tablet.

Cindy got to Cathy and Jonathan leaving the airport and exchanging contacts. They texted one another throughout the first day of their respective excursions. The texts got dirty in the evening. Jonathan described his hotel room and all the places he’d like to fuck her in it. Cathy sent pictures of the panties she wanted to wear when they’d next meet and then pictures of her actually wearing them. He told her he might have to jerk off to those pictures. She urged him to save up until the following night.

The two got together on Jonathan’s second night in town. They opted to skip dinner. Their flirty exchange continued up until Cathy got to his hotel room. He had been sending her snippets of a new story throughout the day. Cathy couldn’t get enough of them, but was excited to have Jonathan put his words into action.

Cathy arrived at Jonathan’s room. He had his laptop open and a document on the desktop. He asked her to read the last bit he had written for her. She sat and read as he sat behind her. The scene described their doppelgangers fucking in the hotel room on the exact piece of furniture Cathy sat on. The author pounded the therapist from behind and underneath as they both sat upright. He had her arms pinned behind her back and his hand over her mouth. As Cathy read, Jonathan pulled up closer behind her.

Cindy read this section eagerly. Joshua noticed her repositioning herself as she read. His story seemed to be having some effect. He hoped she was into it. She hadn’t stopped or made any negative comments, but she had been quite quiet. Maybe she was absorbed. What he really wanted was for her to be wet.

Cindy’s eyes stroked each line of text. Joshua peeked at her, trying to judge where she was in the story. His patience was struggling to subdue his anxiety. She hadn’t given him much of a response lately beyond her shifting in her seat. He wanted to know her thoughts. Just as he was about to open his mouth, he recalled scolding her for being impatient while he was writing. This was different, he thought.

Part 4 in a few days…


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