Window Seat (part 2)

I wrote this story close to two years ago. At the time, I was experimenting with telling stories within stories. I’ll be posting it here in pieces over the next few weeks.

Part 2

“Is this you?” Joshua asked as she stopped next to him.

“Afraid so,” she replied. “All the way in the back with you.”

Joshua moved his bag and jacket, although they really weren’t in her way. She took her seat and said, “Thanks” with a smile. With her jacket off, Joshua could see her body. Her knees teased him from inches away. She had sheer black stockings pulled over them. The stockings disappeared under a corduroy skirt. Her legs ended in sumptuous thighs and hips. Under her clingy sweater waited a pair of gorgeous breasts. They rode her ribs as she breathed in and out. This could be a long flight.

Being a pervert, Joshua often categorized women by which adult video stars he thought they resembled. The woman next to him didn’t remind him of any particular starlet, but he could picture her being a girl-next-door breakthrough. She was wholesome in a way he wanted to desecrate. As she settled, he liked thinking she had no idea what he was thinking. He wondered what she was thinking.

The attendants gave safety instructions as the plane taxied across the tarmac. The two of them sat in polite silence, strangers with accidental proximity. Joshua wanted to initiate a conversation, but ironically, he couldn’t find the words. Moments like this bothered him. He could write the perfect scenario in which characters become fast friends and then hot lovers. When he had a ripe scenario in front of him, he floundered. He didn’t want to get off this plane having to regret not trying.

“Heading home or leaving home?” he asked, just before take off.

“Heading home,” she said. “I was visiting family here.”

“Are you originally from this area?”

“No, but I like it here.”

Takeoff interrupted their small talk. They resumed in the air. To Joshua’s delight, she asked him about his travel plans. He explained he was visiting a friend, but also doing a travel piece for a vacation blog. He joked about how everyone wanted to come to her hometown. He got a smile out of her. Soon he was getting laughs.

“I’m Josh,” he said, finally introducing himself.

“Cindy,” she answered. “Nice to meet you.”

Cindy. How perfectly wholesome.

“So, you’re a writer?” Cindy asked.

“Yes, for a few years now,” Joshua said. “I had worked in marketing, but I didn’t love that. I love this.”

“That’s cool that you found something you really love doing,” said Cindy. “I’m working on my Master’s. I want to be a marriage counselor.”

Joshua almost asked if she had an interest in sex therapy, but he restrained himself. He couldn’t stop having filthy thoughts about this pleasant young lady sitting next him. He wondered if her mind had wandered anywhere close to the gutter.

After the captain gave the all-clear notice, Cindy dug out her tablet, which reminded Joshua that he had meant to write during the flight. He grabbed his laptop and opened his story notes. The notes didn’t amount to much. The site for which he was writing smut needed contrived sex scenes involving people in common vocations. Doctor and patient. Professor and student. Joshua got an idea that hadn’t come to him in the airport. His idea might make for a satisfactory story, but also might be a way to test Cindy’s wholesomeness.

“Starting your article?” Cindy asked.

“No, I’ll work on that on the way home,” Joshua said. “This is another project.”

This was a crucial moment. Would she ask about the project? If she did, he could tell her and possibly get a read on what was going on her head. If she didn’t, he could tell her anyway, but this might seem pushy.

“What’s that project?” she asked.


“Um, I’ll answer since you asked,” Joshua replied. “It’s a bit revealing though.

“Okay. I’m listening.”

“I make some extra cash writing erotic fiction. I was hoping to get the basics of a story worked out en route.”

“Oooo! How interesting!” Cindy replied, making a devilish face and dragging out each syllable.

Even better. She was in.

“What’s it about? Is it some kind of fantasy with like, sexy elves and stuff?”

“No, I don’t write that kind of erotica. This will be more like a steamy scene between two real people. Something someone can relate to.”

Cindy seemed to like this more than sexy elves.

“What will this steamy scene be?” Cindy asked, putting down her tablet and turning towards him.

He had struck something in her.

“Well how about this,” Joshua started. “I’ll try to get a few pages of it done, and I’ll let you read it. You can tell me what you think.”

“I like it,” she said, stretching out the syllables again.

Cindy picked up her tablet and continued reading. She kept a little smirk on her lips. Joshua set about writing smut. He faced a new and different kind of deadline. He had to come up with something now and it had to be good. It had to be more than good. It had to have a context that could help stir the chemistry he felt brewing with Cindy. This was a pressure that would either bring out the best of him or make him crumble and blow away.

Part 3 in a few days…


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