For Jane (part 4)

I like to write erotic stories for friends. Most of the stories I’ve published on this blog started as pieces written as gifts. Below is another such story. Like other pieces for friends, I tailored it to particular interests and wrote it specifically to arouse her. Perhaps some other readers will find it similarly arousing. I wrote it in one sitting, but I’ve published it here in several separate posts. See Parts 1-3 if you haven’t.

Part 4

The room was filled with a chorus of moaning. Guy Number Two was nearly shouting. You cried out to him, “Come all over me!” He was thrusting his hips instinctively. You were undulating below him. Guy Number Three was moaning too, but not as loudly as your girlfriend was with his long cock halfway down her throat.

This was it. After an impressively long time, Guy Number Two was ready to pop. You told him to straddle you. You wanted his load right between your tits. So much for giving each guy his choice. He positioned himself, grunted forcefully, and gave you the biggest load you’d ever seen. It just kept coming. Some hit your face. Some got in your hair. A warm batch dropped on your throat. You lost count of the number of ropes of that landed across your already-sticky breasts. It was everywhere and you loved it. The heat of it felt so fucking good. You wanted more. You didn’t have to wait long.

“I think this guy’s ready too!” said your girlfriend, who was still making videos. Guy Number Two collapsed back to the pillows, making room for Guy Number Three. Your other girlfriend stopped sucking him and nudged him up next to you. “Give it to her!” she whispered to him. You looked up straight into his eyes, then down to his cock. Ah, you remembered him now. Panting, you told him to come for you. This time you were more demanding. You’d become greedy for it. You wanted load after load to spill over you.

He fucked his hand for you. Your girlfriend got behind him and rubbed her hands across his stomach. Her nails raked his skin. You spit at his cock and told him to come right now. You could tell he was straining. He was close, but not close enough. You nodded to your girlfriend. She knew what to do. Reaching down from behind him, she took over and began tugging him. You sat up and spit on his cock again, then dropped to your back and clutched your tits. Now he was fucking her hand. Faster. Faster still. You could hear their bodies slapping. His cock turned dark purple. The veins looked liked they were going to explode. His moans grew loader. The bed shook. Then he announced, “I’m coming—!”

His back arched and he let loose with a high-flying blast. It seemed to hang in the air before falling across your body like wet lace. Several more blasts followed. Your girlfriends cooed “Mmm. Look at all that.” You did. You loved it.

Three thick loads coated you from your belly to your mouth. They mixed together on your flesh like a work of modern art. The sweet, sexy syrup ran down your frame, making rivers leading towards your back. It was everything you wanted.

After kissing the guys goodbye and sending them on their way, you and your girlfriends just couldn’t stop raving at what a success the night had been. You left them to watch their videos and look at their pictures together. You thought about where those pictures and videos might end up.

Now here you are in the bathroom alone, getting a good look at the seemingly impossible amount of semen on you. You don’t want to shower just yet, though. You look for a little longer. As you do, you wonder if you have enough followers in another city to do this again.


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