For Jane (part 3)

I like to write erotic stories for friends. Most of the stories I’ve published on this blog started as pieces written as gifts. Below is another such story. Like other pieces for friends, I tailored it to particular interests and wrote it specifically to arouse her. Perhaps some other readers will find it similarly arousing. I wrote it in one sitting, but I’m publishing it here in several separate posts.

Part 3

Guy Number Two turned out to be just as you remembered him: big. He didn’t look that big at first, but as he began stroking for you, his cock grew to its full beauty. You wondered if he noticed how your breathing changed as you looked at it. He rubbed himself delicately for you in a way that seemed out of character for someone who appeared so rough. You liked it, though. You thought about what he could do to you with those hands.

He hovered over you. Having him this close was making your pussy ache. You could feel his breath on your body. His wrist turned around his shaft just inches from your skin. You just looked up and smiled, afraid that if you started talking dirty, you might need to put that gigantic cock in your mouth.

Your girlfriends got closer, flanking their chairs around the bed. They hollered like they were at a bachelorette party. Guy Number Two didn’t seem phased. Had this guy done porn? He’d been stroking in front of an audience for a long time and seemed nowhere near ready to finish. Then your girlfriend’s phone buzzed again.

“Ladies, Guy Number Three is here!” your girlfriend announced. “Should I get him?” You were too busy with what was going on in front of you to care, but you went along with it. Looking up at your new friend, you asked if he minded any company. He looked down and said in a rich tenor, “Not if you don’t, sexy.” Your toes curled at his voice. You really wanted to get fucked.

Watching him stoke for you kept your attention so much that you barely noticed your girlfriend leaving and bringing in Guy Number Three. There he was, getting undressed in the corner as Guy Number Two caressed his cock for your viewing pleasure. Perhaps unconsciously, you had inched closer to him. Going against your “no contact” rule, your pinky was tracing his thigh. You kept wondering how long this stud would last if you grabbed him. Rules are rules though, you told yourself.

Or so you thought. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw something that more than surprised you. Guy Number Three—another beefy guy who looked like he should be playing bass in some heavy metal band—was naked and hard and ready to start. However, one of your girlfriends had already started for him. There she was on her knees in front of him, tits out of her tight dress, turning his cock in her hand like a professional fluffer. Your other girlfriend was making a video. For some reason, her dress was pulled up over her hips to reveal her thong. What had been going on over there? All three looked over to you laughing and smiling.

“Bring that party over here!” you commanded. Realizing a possible faux pas, you asked Guy Number Two if he minded. Again, his sonorous voice responded with “Not at all, baby.” Soon all five of you were on the king bed. Guy Number Two was tugging much faster now. He was a machine, but he was getting close. You squeezed your tits and played with your nipples as you begged him for his load. Right next to you, your girlfriend had decided to completely lose the rulebook. She was on all fours in front of Guy Number Three, sucking his cock like she needed it. Her ass was pointed towards the ceiling and sticking out of her dress. Her head bobbed rhythmically as she slurped on this complete stranger’s cock. Your other girlfriend kept snapping pictures and making videos. She stopped every now and then to rub herself through her panties, though.

Everything came together at once. Guy Number Two finally reached his limit. His face and chest got beet red. He began heaving. You could tell his shaft was slick with precum. Right next to you, your girlfriend was devouring Guy Number Three, leaving a puddle of saliva on the bed below her. Her lips and cheeks were drenched. Her mascara was running. You weren’t sure which scene was making you wetter. You couldn’t quite remember how long you’d been reaching under that bikini to play with your clit.

Part 4 in a few days…


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