For Jane (part 2)

I like to write erotic stories for friends. Most of the stories I’ve published on this blog started as pieces written as gifts. Below is another such story. Like other pieces for friends, I tailored it to particular interests and wrote it specifically to arouse her. Perhaps some other readers will find it similarly arousing. I wrote it in one sitting, but I’m publishing it here in several separate posts.

Part 2

Guy Number One didn’t quite look as tall as he had described himself, but he was cute with a full head of jet-black hair and toned body under his very stylish, expensive-looking clothing. He’d sent you three tributes. You were ready to see what he could do in person. Your girlfriends giggled when he asked where to put his clothing. You giggled too, but your mood changed as you pulled off that sundress and climbed onto the bed. He had a bit of a hard-on going when he got naked. Seeing you undress was enough to get him fully stiff.

Leaning back on your elbows, you winked at him, motioned to him to come closer, and said, “Well, let’s see.” He smirked and took his place at the edge of the bed. You watched as he began to gently tug himself. Your girlfriends cheered him on. You just stared, biting your lip and feeling a wet spot growing in your bikini bottoms. The hard part was deciding what to watch. His mouth as he sighed? His stomach as he exhaled? His wrist as it rotated so fluidly with each stroke? You began to regret agreeing to the no touching clause.

His cock was wonderful. It wasn’t huge, but it was thick and shaped well. As he worked it, you felt yourself squirm slightly. True, you were eager to see and feel him squirt all over you, but you also wanted to know what that cock would feel like in your mouth, between your tits, or totally bare in your very wet pussy. Getting all turned on, you gave him a little show by sitting up and squeezing your breasts together. He tugged faster. You started grinding your hips on the bed. His breath grew heavier. You gave him some dirty talk, asking him where he wanted to put his load. You could tell he couldn’t take much more. His sighs became high-pitched and quick. His body started to shake. You urged him on, telling him, “Come on me baby! Give me that come!” His wrist became a blur. You knew he was close. The excitement got to you and you pulled down the bikini top. That was it.

“Oh fuck—!” was all you heard. His wrist stopped moving and his voice froze in the air as he stood on his toes and burst on you. The first gulp was enormous and you actually heard it splat as it hit your cleavage. You probably would’ve heard it better if your girlfriends hadn’t been screaming “Woooo!” Three more spurts followed. Somehow, the third was the biggest of all. Some of that one hit your chin and neck. He gasped over and over as he slowed down his stroke. A smile crept across his face. You knew you were wearing one as well.

You slid off the bed to your knees and looked down to admire what he’d given you. Four distinct splatters ran across your chest. Each began dripping down over your curves. You looked to a box of tissues when one of you girlfriends shouted, “No! It all has to stay until the last one gives it to you. Here.” She snapped several pictures with your phone. You wondered if you should tweet them. Meanwhile, your other girlfriend had made a video of the big moment. She played it for you and you watched with delight while your devoted follower wiped off and got dressed. Feeling and then seeing that load hit you made insanely horny. “Where’s the next one?” you asked.

You gave Guy Number One a gushing thank you, a kiss on the cheek, and a cutesy wave bye-bye. Guy Number Two had already called and was down in the lobby. Perfect timing. Your girlfriend led Guy Number One out and came back with Guy Number Two. He was shorter, older, and more of a stocky, blue-collar type. He had some scruffy facial hair and was sort of a dirty blonde. He wasn’t as shy, but looked like he was going to erupt in his pants when he saw you—now topless—kneeling on the bed, tilting your head to the side, and smiling at him. And this was before he noticed what was dripping all over you.

A routine had started. Your girlfriend restated the rules. Guy Number Two got undressed and set his belongings on a table. Then over to you he went as you leaned back to enjoy the show. This guy wasn’t quite tall enough to reach you at the edge of the bed, so you invited him to join you. He climbed up and knelt beside you as you looked on with anticipation.

Part 3 in a few days…


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