For Jane (part 1)

I like to write erotic stories for friends. Most of the stories I’ve published on this blog started as pieces written as gifts. Below is another such story. Like other pieces for friends, I tailored it to particular interests and wrote it specifically to arouse her. Perhaps some other readers will find it similarly arousing. I wrote it in one sitting, but I’ll publish it here in several separate posts.

Part 1

The night didn’t take long to organize. Only a week had passed since your girlfriends made the suggestion. Between the two of them, they screened the candidates, made all the arrangements for the hotel, and finally talked you into it. As you step into the hotel bathroom to clean up, you take a long look in the mirror and you couldn’t be more grateful. This was such a great idea.

First came the Twitter account. Somewhat accidentally, you’d become intrigued by the #cumtribute phenomenon.  Both your girlfriends thought with your body, you’d be certain to get just as many of these delicious tributes as women in their teens and twenties. They were right. You created a special account, asking followers to unload on your pictures and post the results. Without even posting nudes, you got tribute after tribute featuring lusty men milking themselves to your sexy images.  The tributes came from married men, single men, but most importantly, horny men. They showed their appreciation for you. They complimented your body, your smile, and your eyes. The compliments were nice, but what really got you wet was thinking about how many men were getting off just by looking at you. Picturing all those men bring themselves to orgasm for you gave you fantastic masturbation material. You couldn’t help but fantasize about them closing their eyes, throwing their heads back, and pumping out thick, warm loads all over your bare skin.

One evening while having some wine and looking at the tributes with your girlfriends, one joked that you easily could get these guys to do this in person. You blushed at the idea. The videos were hot, but you weren’t going to meet any of these guys. That would be crazy, right? They teased you about it for a few more minutes, but then the joke faded as the three of you enjoyed more wine. You kept thinking about it, though. You imagined being on your knees, cupping your breasts, and looking up longingly at some stranger who was about to make a mess on your tanned skin. Thinking about it made you more than just a little tingly. Your panties were getting damp. The conversation had moved on, but you interrupted it to say, “You know, what if we actually did that?”

Much of the planning happened that night. The alcohol probably helped. After a half an hour of hysterical laughter, the three of you swore you’d go through with it. You began sifting through your followers to pick some likely candidates. They had to be at least somewhat local. For the ones you weren’t certain about, you asked about their location and got eager responses. Next, they had to have pretty cocks. Plenty of them did, so this was easy. Of course, they had to have proven to you what kind of load they could give you. After narrowing down the pack, your girlfriends filtered out the remaining guys who couldn’t string together complete sentences, the guys who took too long to reply, or any guys who just seemed weird.

The three of you started reaching out to the guys who made the cut. You sent direct messages, explaining what you were seeking and what the rules would be. You’d meet in a hotel room. Your girlfriends would be there. You’d be on a bed, maybe naked, but maybe in a bikini. The guys would have to get naked. They’d stroke themselves. You wouldn’t be touching them. Each guy would get to shoot a load on you. He could do it wherever he wanted: belly, tits, even into your hands so you could rub it all over yourself like suntan oil. As soon as he’d finish, he’d leave. Simple.

You contacted five guys, figuring at least two would back out. They all seemed ridiculously excited. One sent you a new tribute just to show how excited he was. You were excited, too. The idea was dirty as fuck. That’s what you liked about it. You worried that as you reached out to confirm the time and place you might lose your nerve. Nope. You were more in than ever.

The night arrived. Sure enough, two guys had backed out, so you had three lined up. Your girlfriends split the hotel. You all dressed like you were going out, even though you’d be in the room all night. They wore tight dresses and heels. You wore a sundress with what was apparently a very popular blue and white striped bikini underneath. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t have some butterflies about it. You’d also be lying if you said you weren’t the horniest you’d ever been.

You told the guys to arrive in thirty-minute intervals. As the three of you waited, you’re phone lit up with the first guy calling, right on time. You all couldn’t help squealing together. One of your girlfriends met him in the lobby and brought him up. She led him into the room. He gave a shy wave. Introductions were amusing and slightly clumsy, but everything felt better when he started taking his clothing off for you.

Part 2 in a few days…


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