An Assignment (part 6)

This story was part of another experiment of mine. I wanted to write first-person stories written directly to the reader, as though the reader was a participant. Originally, I wrote this for a friend. I expanded it to the version you’ll find here. This is the conclusion.

Part 6

That’s it. The tension of the day takes charge. I never did come in the morning. I’ve been burning with this all day. I unleash. We change from working together slowly and sensually to me pounding you. My cock begins to slide in and out of you with ease. The sounds and sensations blend. Your whole body shakes with each thrust. Our skin slaps. Little gasps and squeaks escape on some of my collisions with your ass cheeks. I can tell you’re digging this. It’s familiar and new at the same time. You encourage me in hushed tones. “Come on baby, A plus! You can do it!” I look down to watch my cock disappear again and again inside you. It glistens. Lube runs out of your ass. The shape of your body makes me want to explode. We can see ourselves on the desktop monitor, which is beyond ridiculously hot. Our bodies glow blue while rocking together. The hood flops back over your head. You can’t keep your hands flat on my desk and they slide everywhere. We both struggle to stay quiet. I hear you yearning to scream. I wish I kept a ball gag here. I might need one too.

The blood is swelling within me. I can feel a load ready to blast into you. Tight as you are, your ass seems to be working like a cock ring, keeping me from popping too soon. Then you go and do it again. “Come for me! Come in my ass!” That’s about all I can take. I thrust faster now, my legs and arms shaking and feeling like they’re going to give. You feel my warm cock sliding through the lube in and out of you, filling you, fucking you, while my hips crash into you with each eager thrust. Reaching down, you can’t help playing with your pussy and you bite your lip hard to keep from crying out. I keep drilling you while you rub your clit. You have trouble maintaining your balance. I hold you tighter by the waist. Your hand goes into overdrive. I’m impressed with your focus. For a moment, your feet come off the floor and your full weight is on the desk. Barely able to speak, you ask if you may come. I remind you to add “sir.” Your feet hit the floor again and you pick up your head, gritting your teeth. Squeaking. Squinting. And now, squirting, which I feel mixing with the lube down your legs. You exhale much too loudly. Your body nearly collapses. I praise your efforts.

I keep hammering you, though. My body is slap, slap, slapping against yours. I’m shaking and sweating. You’re sweating, too. You turn to me and grit your teeth again. I grab the hood of your sweatshirt and pull your head up closer, making your back arch almost uncomfortably. I shove my tie in your mouth. You bite down to suppress another scream. You love how smoothly but quickly I’m pumping. I love how your ass is pulling this load out of me with each pump, but also squeezing me to keep it in at the same time. I fuck your ass like a tight pussy. Going even harder makes the desk shake more. The video on the screen is picking up just our hips because the computer has moved. A cup full of pens falls. So does the plug, which rolls onto the floor. Papers scatter about. My chair has rolled against the wall. My phone gets knocked off the hook. Is anyone listening? Who fucking cares anymore? I go slower now, but at a different angle and a bit deeper. You sigh and grunt with each pump, yanking my tie with your mouth. My body is contorted, pumping from almost under you while close to back-to-back with you. Harder now. A little slower, though. Just one hard, full, deep thrust every second, followed by slow retreat backwards. Harder still. “Give me that load! Come in my fucking ass, baby! A plus! A plus!” Really, that’s it. Seriously this time. I speed up for one final effort time as hard and fast as I can, fucking you viciously, almost desperately. The sensation around my cock changes. Your ass feels like it’s contracting around me and jerking me. No more being quiet. The tie falls out of your mouth and you begin to scream. We each sound like animals crying out and cursing. I open my mouth to join your cries. You hear me say, “Oh fuuuck!” way too loudly.

And with that, my assignment for you is complete.


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