An Assignment (part 5)

This story was part of another experiment of mine. I wanted to write first-person stories written directly to the reader, as though the reader was a participant. Originally, I wrote this for a friend. I expanded it to the version you’ll find here. I’ll post the conclusion next week.

Part 5

I take your hands and lead you around my desk. I want you behind it like in my fantasy. Turning you around by grabbing your waist, I face you towards the door. I take your hands and place them about shoulder-width apart. You bend over for me like a good girl as I reach in my desk for a ruler. I’ve never used it for anything until now. You’re smirking even more. I’m hoping no one will hear this, but I want to make sure the smacks count. I push your feet apart and bend you over at a harder angle. You wiggle and tell me you’re ready. Finally, I get to lift up your skirt. You’re not wearing any underwear. One of the morning’s mysteries is solved. I notice something else just as I’m about to lay into you. It makes me shake my head. You’ve had a plug in your ass the whole time. I tap the plug with my finger and ask why you have this in. You tell me it’s a study aid.

“Damn you!” is the last thing you hear as I grab a handful of hair and crack your bare ass with the ruler. Your skin immediately turns pink. I whisper, “How about a few more of these?” I get another hushed “Yes sir,” from you. I crack you several more times. Your body tightens with each crack. On the fourth or fifth one, you cry out a bit. I get close to your ear and give you a stern “Shhhh!”

After you’ve taken a good beating, I stand directly behind you, placing my hands on your wrists. The ruler drops to the desk. I ask how you intend to help me finish the assignment. Your red, bruised ass begins to grind against my crotch. My hands slide up your arms, over your breasts, and to your zipper. I unzip you and caress your neck, sliding a finger into your mouth. Your ass bounces against me and I start to bounce back. My hands move away from your mouth and back over your breasts. I squeeze them, feeling your nipples harden against my palms. The grinding starts to get carried away. I tell you we’re not doing that yet. I pull you up, turn you around, and tell you to drop to your knees.

I’m standing. You’re just like I’d pictured you while stroking earlier. Your breasts and belly are exposed, but the hoodie is still over your shoulders. You ask if you may touch me. I take your hand and place it on my crotch. You massage it as a reflex, looking up and grinning while doing it. I want us to take our time, but I know we shouldn’t. I tell you to pull me out. My pants have never opened so quickly. We both pause as we hear a muffled shout from the hallway, but I assure you (and myself) it came from far away. You pull me out and pop me into your mouth without asking. We’re all in now. No turning back. This is real. There is less teasing than in my fantasy. The reality is more immediate and forceful. You engulf me and suck with everything you have. After a full minute, you relent and look into my eyes. You tell me you need me to come for you, and you attack my cock again. I’m amazed at how you devour it with such frenzy. You’ve never given me head with this much need and enthusiasm. Your sucking is loud and I’m barely aware of my own thrusting and noises. You slow up occasionally and peek up, only to pause and then ferociously suck some more. I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t decide if I want to blast away in your mouth or try to hold on for longer. Following a shudder from me, you stop and ask if I remember the study aid.

Of course I do. I nudge you to stand up. Then I turn you around and bend you over again. With great care, I pull out the plug. I stand it up on my desk. We both chuckle. You tell me you have a little lube and you pull out one of those little disposable packs from the pocket in your hoodie. You open it and squeeze the contents onto your hand. Moaning, you reach back and smear it all over my cock, tugging me a few times to be sure I’m slick enough. I take some and lube up a finger. Before I work your ass, I slip the finger into your pussy. Your body shakes. You squeak as you hold in a cry. Playing a bit longer than I expected, I pull out to work your clit. I can tell you love it. I slide the finger inside a few more times and then surprise you by pressing in the head of my cock. You react as expected. I hush you again. I give you my full, bare length. I work in and out of you slowly. The scene in front of me hits me. I’m fucking you over my desk. What the fucking hell? Keeping my head in the moment, I work some lube into your gaped ass. You moan deeper than usual.

I continue fucking your pussy softly and slowly while fingering your ass. Your mouth hangs open, but you don’t make a sound.  You just look straight down at my desk. I pull out my cock and begin sliding it between your round ass cheeks. You moan again. I tease your little asshole with the tip. I press into you slightly, feeling the heat from inside you. I hush you once more as you begin to cry out. I give you the rest of my head, pushing you open. More squeaks as you try not to cry out. Before I slide all the way inside, I open the webcam on the computer, turn the monitor so it captures us, and begin recording just for fun. You laugh at this. Finally, I slide the rest of the way inside. You don’t laugh at this. Slowly, deliberately, inch by inch. This takes a few moments, but they are wonderful moments. You’re so tight. You’re body is so warm inside. Your ass firmly grips my shaft. I feel the shape of your body rubbing against my skin. I begin to pump. You do your best to keep quiet. I can feel you relax as I start to move. We grind together slowly and I can’t help thinking about the insanity of this. I whisper what I’m thinking to you. “I’m in your fucking ass! At work! What the fuck?” I can feel your tight little hole embrace every inch of me. It’s incredible. We speed up together. Our pumping is in rhythm until you turn to whisper, “Fuck my ass until you come, sir!”

Part 6 in a few days…


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