An Assignment (part 2)

This story was part of another experiment of mine. I wanted to write first-person stories written directly to the reader, as though the reader was a participant. Originally, I wrote this for a friend. I expanded it to the version you’ll find here. This particular section tells a story within the story, which was something else I was experimenting with at the time. I’ll continue posting pieces over the next few weeks.

Part 2

I get up from my desk. I’m uncomfortably hard. If someone saw me now, they might notice what is happening in my pants. Opening my door again, I peer up and down the hallway as I had minutes ago. Still no sign of anyone. I close the door and turn out the lights. Returning to my desk, I take a few breaths and accept that I’m going to do this. Undoing my belt and pulling myself out over my underwear, I begin by giving myself a gentle tug. My cock feels so good in my hand. Something about this is completely right. The tug turns to a steady but slow pump, followed by a subtle rotation. Holy fuck! I have my cock out of my pants, in my office. What the hell am I doing? I sit close to the desk to conceal my actions. Tugging a little makes me want to tug more, and looking at the picture stirs my dirty thoughts.

I remember that you want an update, so since I’m doing this, I figure I should go all the way and let you in on it. Just as I reach up to reply, I notice you’ve sent another message to me. It simply reads, “How is the assignment coming along?” Typing with one hand, I reply. I tell you I’ve started, but I think the assignment is going to be hard. You’ve put me under unusual pressure. Before I hit the “send” button, I add that my other hand has been busy while I’ve typed.

Again I look at your picture. I think about you getting my message and how you’ll respond. I feel my warm cock in my hand and how delightful each stroke feels. I close my eyes. Lust invites me into an unexpected comfort. With everything silent around me and the glow from the computer screen my only light, I begin to fantasize about us:

You’re still seated and I’m standing before you. My erection becomes more pronounced as I continue brushing it across your face. I’m aching to escape. The pressure against you almost hurts as it arouses me. Your eyes are closed and you’re smirking, letting the fabric roughly graze your delicate cheeks. I see your lips part on one pass. For a moment, I feel the heat of your breath. A sigh escapes your mouth. It warms me. I hold you by the shoulders, then by the back of your head, grinding slowly as you sigh more and more from your open mouth. Your lower lip catches on the fly for just a moment and then springs free. I feel your hands clutch my pants behind my knees, wringing the material. You laugh and look up at me. I wonder what you’re thinking.

 I don’t wonder for long. You begin to nuzzle me on your own, rubbing into me like a loving kitten. Your hands move up my legs to my thighs. Now your legs wrap around my calves, hooking me in place in front of you. For the first time through any of this, you convey a sense of wanting control. You don’t want control of me, but control of what you’re doing to me. You open your eyes and look up at me, continuing to laugh as you use your neck and cheeks to tease. Somehow the hoodie has unzipped the rest of the way. You completely tumble out of it. I want those breasts, but I can’t reach from where I am.

I place a finger under your chin and nudge you to stand up. You rise to meet me. When you do, we kiss. This is a messy, sloppy, eager kiss. I feel you smiling, sighing, and laughing again through a prolonged mingling of tongues and lips and saliva. Your hands make their way down my torso to my crotch while we continue this moment. You cup and fondle me while I grab your ass under that skirt. A leg lifts around me and I support you. Even in this position, you hold fast to my crotch. The pressure is such perfect agony. I feed your mouth a finger. You do what comes naturally to you. I ask if you’re ready and you nod looking into my eyes, my finger dangling from your wet lips.

 It’s time to move forward. Unraveling our bodies, I back away from you. Looking at me and biting your lower lip, you begin to strut. You slink by with your back to me, peering over your shoulder. Your skirt brushes against me, twirling slightly with your movement. Our eyes remain locked, even as one ass check and then another crush my bound cock. I sit. You continue circling around the chair.

You push me in my chair a few feet away from my desk. Next, you turn it back around so it faces my desk again. Still strutting, you stop between the desk and chair. You kneel and then get on all fours, backing part way under the desk. The hoodie is just hanging on you. The lobes of your ass peek from under the skirt. You crawl towards me, reaching up with your face to nuzzle my crotch once more, moaning a little as you do. Your hands take turns massaging me and you playfully bite my pants. The nuzzling continues. I pet you, but you grow impatient. Now you look up and say, “Take it out.” You want even more control. I oblige as you look on eagerly. With your hands on my knees, you watch with interest as I undo my belt and zipper, finally popping myself out, exhaling with relief. I begin to stroke in front of you.

 A few minutes pass of you watching with approval as I methodically stroke just inches from your face. As you finally lean in, you gently blow warm air up and down my shaft. Each hand creeps up my thighs until they surround my cock. You massage again all around me without actually grabbing me. Next, you place your hands over mine and stroke hand-over-hand with me, cooing a bit as you do. You grin, eyeing my cock looking on with delight. Soon you take over, pushing my hands aside, grabbing me and doing the tugging on your own with a delighted expression. You glide one hand after the other delicately up and down my shaft, looking up at me with your head tilted and that smirk back on your face. “Do you like that?” you ask. “I’m not going to get you into trouble, am I?” I tell you you’ve already gotten me in trouble…

Part 3 in a few days…


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