In Preparation (part 6)

Below is the sixth and final installment. About two years ago, I decided to experiment with stories that included no names and almost no dialogue. This is the only one of those experiments I ended up liking. It’s told from a female character’s point of view with some slight glimpses into the thoughts of other characters. I’ve posted it in pieces. Go back and read the other installments if you haven’t.

Part 6

Again she could reach it, so she did. It muffled her moans as she popped it into her mouth. Oddly, her mouth moved in sync with her hips. There was one movement, like a piston an engine. Her body quaked with each thrust she took from behind. Her neck bobbed in rhythm. She could hear grunting, but in blended in the darkness. Knowing how much the men were into it increased her excitement. Her whole body shivered. Her legs felt weak. She wondered how much she could take. And with that, they withdrew again.

A condom-wrapped cock appeared to her right this time. Briefly, she contemplated how this touch was a cute attempt to maintain anonymity. She was riding it as soon as she could turn her body around. Again, strange hands gripped her body from behind the sheet. Again, a bare cock appeared in front of her. Again, she sucked with complete abandon. Sensations mixed within her. She was being used. She was being serviced. She was servicing. She refused to acknowledge who was fucking her, or whose cock she was sucking. The moment was intense. Her body was on fire with this. She could feel herself needing to come. She started to rub her clit, but doing so was too difficult. To her delight, a bare hand came from behind the sheet to reach her while fucking her. How did he know? Actually, both guys know how much she loved that. A cock in her mouth, a cock in her pussy, and a wet fingertip on her clit. This was nothing short of the fulfillment of a dream. She began concentrating on her orgasm. Almost as soon as her mind got to it, her body followed. She couldn’t believe how quickly she got there. The rush typically took time to build and she had to concentrate to will herself to orgasm. Not tonight. It roared through her like a flood, heating her muscles. She had to stop sucking to scream, but she never stopped stroking even as she forcefully came. Every inch of her shuddered. She nearly collapsed.

The pair of hand kept her up as though she was a marionette. From behind her, she heard fierce, strained moaning. Hearing her get off had stirred something in this one. She regained focus and began thrusting back as he pushed into her. They slammed together violently, both shouting. Her body was spent, but she wouldn’t let herself quit. Faster now, she tried her best to keep stroking the other shaft as her hair flew everywhere. The body behind her jackhammered her, which she normally didn’t like, but loved right now. The voice turned to a staccato howl as the movement stopped. She felt him shaking and moving in tiny, measured pumps. He just came, she thought. He just came inside me. She slowed and rode him tenderly, rotating her hips, turning around to smile with approval.

She didn’t rest long. Turning back the other way, she slurped once more with the burning intent to make this other cock burst. Up and down went her head and hands. The one on the right was still throbbing inside her. She had to pull him out to get closer to the one on the left. She wanted to give him all her attention now. Twisting, tugging, licking, sucking. She moved furiously. Taking a break, she let him fuck her open mouth for a few pumps. His grunts got louder and she resumed control. One dedicated, repeated movement was what she needed to give him. It worked. The shaking behind the sheet gave it away. He exploded in her mouth with a shout. It spilled out all over her, beads of hot semen rolling down her neck and breasts. She felt so pleased with herself. Her breathing was intense, but she collected herself. As she did, both disappeared again.

Again, brief despair, although this didn’t last long. She heard shuffling footsteps and hushed chatter. She couldn’t tell direction. After a long minute, her man’s voice called back from the living room and beckoned her. She sauntered back, hair a mess, a runny load on her chest, and sweat all over her. The men were waiting for her, naked. The three embraced, tumbled onto the couch, kissed, and laughed. All three felt a wash of release like they had scarcely felt before. Not an ounce of tension remained. They fell asleep in a pile.

The next week, the preparation ritual returned to a familiar state, but with a twist. She wasn’t tense with her man. They weren’t racing to get ready to go out. This week, they were staying in, but they had company coming. The place had to look clean and be welcoming, but not just because they were expecting company. Lighting had to be right. Furniture had to be positioned perfectly. The new guy was on his way. He was bringing his camera.


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