In Preparation (part 5)

Below is the fifth installment. About two years ago, I decided to experiment with stories that included no names and almost no dialogue. This is the only one of those experiments I ended up liking. It’s told from a female character’s point of view with some slight glimpses into the thoughts of other characters. I’ve been posting it in pieces, adding another piece every three or four days. Go back and read the other installments if you haven’t.

Part 5

The walk was indeed short. They filed into the new guy’s place and quickly got comfortable. After no more than a few minutes, the guys surrounded her once again while they all stood. She kissed the new guy first, while her man groped her from behind just the way she liked. Taking her hands, the new guy pulled her onto the couch with him. Her man joined them. They revisited those moments from the club, but with less inhibition and absolutely no leftover concerns about onlookers. Shirts came off. A bra went flying. Tongues bathed bellies. Teeth pinched nipples. Hands cupped crotches. Those ridiculous tight pants made their way to the floor. All three had been longing for this. It was happening. It was real.

For a few minutes, the guys worshipped her body from knees to neck with their mouths. Instead of competing to please her, they worked together as a seamless team. She loved this. Wanting to reward their efforts, she massaged each of them through their snug boxer briefs. Feeling their erections made her eager to pull them out for play. Seeing both their cocks in her hands would be so intense and satisfying. Still, there was something enticing about the two of them in their underwear. She only noticed at that moment that their underwear matched. These guys, she thought.

She was topless, but her skirt, stockings, and panties remained. The men stayed in their matching underwear. The new guy suggested showing one another how they want her. Nudging her and guiding her, he gently bent her over onto all fours, lifted her skirt to reveal her ass, and pounded against her from behind. Her man was lying down in front of her, and she looked into his eyes with her mouth open as her body shook. She rubbed her cheek on the lump in his underwear. The men traded, and now she crawled on top of her man, grinding herself on him. The new guy grabbed her breasts from behind and bit her neck as she rode. The teasing continued until the new guy said to her man, “It’s time.”

They all stood up, although she wasn’t sure why. Her man insisted she wait in the living room. Confused about where the men were going, a little concerned, and awash with a sudden sense of being left out, she almost refused to wait. She wanted them both right now and didn’t want to be teased. However, she knew they had been working on something, so she forced herself to play along. The guys disappeared down a hallway. She craved touch so much she started rubbing herself as soon as their backs were turned.

Her man called her, urging her to follow the lights down the hallway. This was more than a little freaky, but she went with it. As she started walking, her man corrected her, insisting she make her way on her hands and knees. Once more, she went with it, crawling catlike to the sound of his voice. The hallway wasn’t long, but it was strangely narrow. It ended with a wall and two doorways on opposite sides of the hall directly facing one another. Each stood open, but thick black, sheets hung from the frames. The lights she had followed provided just enough glow for her to see a hole had been cut in each sheet. She could tell the guys were standing behind the sheets on opposite sides of her. She really didn’t know who was behind each one.

In the low light, a hard cock emerged through the hole to her left. So this is what they had in mind, she thought. She wasn’t completely sure whose it was, which surprised and embarrassed her. She didn’t care. Much like her man had been doing through this entire scenario, she threw herself into the moment. She got up to her knees, grabbed it, and gave a delicate tug. She didn’t want to think about whose it was. Even though she figured it out when she touched it, she wanted to enjoy this illusion of anonymity. Letting go, she put it in her mouth and embraced the warm skin. Her lips and tongue glazed the shaft, and she began to slurp heartily, moaning as she did it. Then came a knock on the doorframe from behind her.

Another cock emerged. She could reach it from where she was and she cradled it in her hand while still blowing the first one. She balanced herself between the two and traded, sucking this second one with equal vigor. The other hand now milked the first. She went back and forth between them, jerking them together, then attacking one at a time. A need to service both of them ran through her. She gasped each time she let up on one. Their salty fluids mixed in her mouth. Spit dripped from her chin. She desperately sucked them in succession, neglecting for the moment how wet she was. And without warning, they both withdrew.

She knelt in the hallway feeling dejected, even letting out a slight whimper. Her wait wasn’t long. From the left reemerged the first one, but this time it wore a condom. She didn’t even think about what to do next. Standing up and bending over, she lifted her skirt and slid off those tiny panties. For a moment, she thought about her tryst in the shower with her man. This was more exciting than even that had been. She backed up, reached between her legs and grabbed the erection behind her. Slipping the head between the slick lips of her pussy, she moaned with a mix of longing and sweet satisfaction. It felt so right inside her. Hands grabbed her hips through the black sheet, and she lunged back to take the cock deeper. She rode it briefly, but soon the body behind the sheet began banging into her. Giving up control was even better. As she got fucked, she looked up to see the second cock appear once more, but without a condom.

Conclusion in a few days…


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