In Preparation (part 4)

Below is the fourth installment. About two years ago, I decided to experiment with stories that included no names and almost no dialogue. This is the only one of those experiments I ended up liking. It’s told from a female character’s point of view with some slight glimpses into the thoughts of other characters. I’m going to continuing posting it in pieces, adding another piece every three or four days.

Part 4

Conversation just stopped. She alternately made out with each of them. Taking turns led to both guys kissing her neck. Kissing led to licking and biting. Their hands were all over her. She tried to touch each of them judiciously. Her man felt arousal overcome discomfort. The new guy hoped he wouldn’t lose all control and burst in his pants from this. Each one of her legs locked with one of theirs. She could feel her panties—if the tiny piece of cloth she wore could be called panties—dampen between her thighs.

They were at this for longer than any of them realized. How many songs had played while they were exploring together? She noticed a crowd gathered on the dance floor. A pair of cute goth chicks wrapped around one another. That was where she wanted to be: out there surrounded by sex and between the bodies of these men. She didn’t want to leave what was happening on the sofa, though. Finally, the new guy noticed the crowd as well and suggested they get up. As they helped her stand, one of them gave her a pat on the ass. The hottest part was she wasn’t sure which one did it. She held both of their hands as they stepped into the crowd.

At first they danced close, but not too close. She danced between them, moving sensually, turning from one to the other between the verse and chorus of each song. There was a dizzying ecstasy to it. The new guy could dance well enough. Her man’s movement was familiar and comfortable. Being with the two of them compelled her to give attention to each, making her frenzied. Song after song played. She felt herself sweating. The heat and the anticipation overwhelmed her. A faster-paced song took over her being and she tossed up her arms and closed her eyes. The teasing had been intense. Now she wanted to feel more than see.

Her man took her hips and pulled her close. She responded by putting her arms over his shoulders and kissing him. The new guy moved in as well, wrapping his arms around her torso. His body pressed against her from behind. She felt him fill her and felt him moving with the rhythm against her. Her thoughts immediately jumped to him fucking her standing up. Her back arched a bit and she began gyrating with him. Her man joined the grind. The three of them moved as a unit. She kissed her man more and then turned, craning her neck to kiss the new guy. Her man sucked her neck and grabbed her breasts when she did. If any of them felt hesitation, they contained it. Public decorum dissipated. She slid a leg up a torso, lifting her skirt inappropriately high. Her arms went backwards and her hands clasped behind the new guy’s head. Someone’s hands touched her bare belly. Someone else’s hands touched her thighs. Sweat began to mingle.

They continued for what felt like hours. She turned back and forth between them with each song. She teased them, slipping her hands under their shirts. They enclosed her, encircling but giving her enough room to move between them. None felt concerned about how flagrant they were being. They were too involved to care, but others around them were behaving in kind. The sexuality in the room was like an aerosol mind control agent. This was exactly what she wanted, at least to start. Her thoughts harkened back to playing on the dance floor with her flirty female lover. She knew this could only go so far in the club. They had to leave soon. The guys knew this, too.

Late, but not near closing, they wordlessly agreed to step out. They left smiling, but unsure what to say. She cut through the silence by kissing them again. Her head was filled with wonder. Earlier, they had agreed to retire to the new guy’s place at the end of the evening. Her man had insisted. This apparently was part of the plan the guys had been forming. At this hour, she wasn’t concerned about going to a near stranger’s house. She was up for anything.

Part 5 in a few days…


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