In Preparation (part 3)

Below is the third installment. About two years ago, I decided to experiment with stories that included no names and almost no dialogue. This is the only one of those experiments I ended up liking. It’s told from a female character’s point of view with some slight glimpses into the thoughts of other characters. I’m going to continuing posting it in pieces, adding another piece every three or four days.

Part 3

Weeks of this had passed. The conversation had turned to when and where and what. Tonight was going to be all three. Excited for it all week, in the minutes before leaving, she remained much more agitated than expected. Her man seemed distracted as well. Was it jitters? Were their secrets getting to them? The steps in their usual preparation ritual seemed out of order. They were in one another’s way in the bedroom. They blamed one another for taking too long in the bathroom. Her man insisted on wearing a particular outfit—all black and unusually tight. He was uncharacteristically insistent. Although she thought he looked hot in it, she also feared it might be too much. The color wasn’t the problem; it made sense for where they were going and would complement the dark-toned outfit she would be wearing. The tightness of it was what was so unusual him. She could see his cock in his pants, which also was kind of hot, but kind of ridiculous, too. He wouldn’t back down, and he wouldn’t say why. She gave up, figuring it was part of his scheme with the new guy.

Giving up allowed her to focus on her own nervousness. She privately fretted over what the guys had been sharing, but also over whether or not the sexiness that had developed online would be there in person. He fretted as well, but more over what he had managed to get into. Each tried to calm the other, and they succeeded, more or less, by the time they left home. Their minds raced, though. Release was more important than ever.

All three harbored fears about meeting right up until they met. They feared they wouldn’t feel attraction in person, or there wouldn’t be anything to talk about, or something else would interrupt the mood. She remained intrigued but concerned about the plans the guys had. Her man had been unsure of this entire enterprise since the start. Neither of them knew that the new guy worried he wouldn’t live up to their expectations. He hoped some of the tricks he had suggested would help bring the three together.

The moment arrived. Walking with her man at her side, she felt shivers as they approach their destination. They’d agreed to meet outside a quiet bar. As the two of them approached it, they both saw him waiting. The new guy waved when he saw them. She thought he looked fantastic. Her man thought he looked harmless. Warm smiles greeted all, and a slight relief followed. A full minute after meeting, she noticed her man and the new guy were dressed identically. This was weird, but she smiled knowingly and played along with it. Anxiety was yielding to intrigue.

After getting through slightly clumsy introductions, they went inside. Each kept unintentionally talking over the other, but they gradually settled into a comfortable banter. Being slightly uncomfortable became the topic that drew them together. Laughter. More smiles. Good stories. The time passed without incident. They soon felt natural together. The drinks weren’t the cause. There was chemistry. All three felt it bubbling.

The party moved from the bar to the club next door. She picked it. In her head, this was where they’d find out if the new guy would be right for them. They needed to get him on the dance floor. She wanted to go to a party playing something hard, dark, and powerfully sexual, but not crude. This club hosted an industrial and goth night. The guys would fit right in wearing their matching outfits. Her skimpy tank top, sexy short skirt, and vampy boots would work, too. She had pictured sexy people clad in black writhing together on a packed dance floor. As they entered, no one was dancing at all. Over a few awkward minutes, they weren’t sure what to do. The new guy spotted an open sofa in a lounge-friendly corner. They gathered and sat. The guys flanked her. All three liked this.

The conversation in the bar was friendly and fun, but not sexual. Although they all had been through basic pleasantries and small talk online, they stuck with such inoffensive dialogue in the presence of other bar patrons. Talking about anything dirty didn’t feel right in the bar. On this sofa, they had an island. No one was paying them any attention. The new guy changed the tone of the conversation to reflect this new atmosphere. He rather directly brought up points from their online conversations, and kidded about how differently they had been speaking in person so far. Pulses silently quickened at this change of topic. He joked that no one would hear what they were saying or see what they were doing, so they should say or do whatever they wanted.

With that, the guys got closer to her, hands reaching for her knees and thighs. Her skirt was short and her thigh-high fishnet stockings exposed much of her skin. Their touch electrified her. She had found the new guy to be sexy online, but now his touch was directly arousing her. Having her man be part of this excited her even more. Her man kissed her, and then with only a gesture, he nudged her to kiss the new guy. She liked her man’s comfort and confidence. It surprised and excited her. She couldn’t know how much it surprised him too, but he threw himself into the moment.

Part 4 in a few days…


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