In Preparation (part 2)

Below is the second installment. About two years ago, I decided to experiment with stories that included no names and almost no dialogue. This is the only one of those experiments I ended up liking. It’s told from a female character’s point of view with some slight glimpses into the thoughts of other characters. I’m going to continuing posting it in pieces, adding another piece every three or four days.

Part 2

Initially, they considered just picking up a guy and bringing him home. That idea didn’t last long, and they didn’t even try it. They created a profile on a dating site geared towards such connections. In less than a day, they had more responses than they had time to read. Refining their search took some time, but the quest brought them together over a common cause. He admitted growing weary of looking at pictures of dicks, but she reassured him the payoff would be worth it.

After a few weeks, a persistent and atypically literate guy had managed to win them over. He was professional, polite, attractive, and claimed to have some experience with what they sought. They exchanged contact information so they could talk with him off the site. She spoke with this new guy through email and text. The flirting was invigorating. The new guy had a restraint in his language others had lacked, but he still could make her horny with just the turn of a phrase. He didn’t just want to talk with her, though. He wanted to plan something with her man. From the start, all three were clear that the men wouldn’t be playing with one another, but would be focused on her. All agreed, but the new guy still wanted to have this separate conversation.

The two of them weren’t sure of this at first, but they went with it. Her man started chatting with the new guy, and though uncomfortable about starting, he quickly found the two of them could talk with ease. Her man’s fears about the new guy being a maniac never surfaced. When he talked with the new guy, he didn’t feel insecure; he felt excited for what they could do to her together. They shared a goal, and the overt, frank sexuality of their conversations was in the spirit of goal attainment. With the new guy’s help, they developed a secret plan for how to ravage her. They let her know they had a plan, but didn’t reveal any details.

Soon her man and the new guy were chatting often enough and at such length that she began to think it was strange. Her man’s behavior had been odd through this. He went clothing shopping without her. He rarely did this. She caught him coming home with bags from a department store. He refused to let her see what he had purchased. She let it go, figuring it had to do with what the guys were planning. She would ask each of them about what they had in mind, but they both insisted on keeping it to themselves. Probing further didn’t get her the answers she wanted, and instead of harping on it, she playfully chided both of them for being boyfriends. All were amused. However, the guys did have a plan, she would have to wait to find out about it and the longing tormented her.

The chatter between the men would be for them exclusively. She sighed, accepted this, and decided to focus on the dynamics of her conversations with the new guy. She sent him some carefully positioned pictures revealing just enough of her body to him. He responded in kind with pictures of himself. Like some sort of contest, they went through more exchanges, each time increasing the raciness of the images. They kept these exchanges to themselves. She got off on the idea of secrets being held by different corners of the triad.

The exchanges did have an effect that eventually involved her man. The new guy had sent some videos of himself stroking, and she praised him for them. She sent him more ammunition, including an image of her body from the neck down, clearly masturbating with the dildo from the shower. He sent her a video that was almost too much, but she couldn’t deny loving it. The screen showed a printed copy of the picture she sent lying on the floor, with a point of view shot of him stroking himself over it until he came all over the picture. In another context, she would’ve found this off-putting. Minutes after seeing it, she insisted her man stand over her and spurt on her while she brought herself to orgasm.

In another moment she felt she had to share with her man, the new guy sent a link to a porn clip. The video featured a couple going to an adult bookstore. She thought the premise was puzzling, but she continued to watch. The man in the couple brought the woman to a private viewing booth. A filthy video played on the screen behind them, and they proceeded to make out. Making out turned to dry humping, which turned to mutual masturbation. A stranger’s cock emerged through the hole in the partition. The man assured the woman that was what they were there to find. She sat on a stool and grabbed it, looking up for the man’s approval as she carefully caressed it. Moments later, she was blowing this faceless stranger while pulling her man’s cock. Back and forth she went between the two of them, losing herself in filthy freedom. Again, if someone had sent her this video without warning, she would have thought it was a bit gross. In this context, she couldn’t help masturbating to it, and she even captured the moment on video. She asked her man if he knew about the new guy sending it, and she got a vague response. Then she showed her man the video she made of herself earlier that day. Soon they were climaxing together on the floor.

Part 3 in a few days…



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