In Preparation (part 1)

Below is the first part of another erotic story of mine. About two years ago, I decided to experiment with stories that included no names and almost no dialogue. This is the only one of those experiments I ended up liking. It’s told from a female character’s point of view with some slight glimpses into the thoughts of other characters. I’m going to post it in pieces, adding another piece every three or four days.

Part 1

They had a preparation ritual for a night out. However, this evening they were fractured and frantic. An unfamiliar nervousness hung between them. They shared an uncertainty about where the night would take them—and if they’d be able to follow. Their unease was mutual, but not equal. She was excited, but worried about being disappointed after such a build-up. Beyond this, she knew that her man knew more than she did about what was planned for the evening. He had been doing his own preparations. She knew about these, but didn’t know what they were. He knew she knew. None of this angered her. She actually liked it, but somehow tonight it added to her anxiety. The tension made them edgy with one another, which was the opposite of what they wanted to cultivate. They each longed for a release.

She had the idea originally. Her man had been opposed to it and expressed this early. Despite this, she convinced him. The idea of the two of them playing with another guy threatened him somewhat. Regarding basic prudence, how were they to know this guy wouldn’t turn out to be some kind of maniac? She understood his fear, but wasn’t nearly as worried. The more immediate issue was his insecurity. What if she ended up liking the other guy more? Her comeback to this was she couldn’t she like someone else more than the man who let her indulge her every fantasy. Also, she reminded him of the imbalance inherent in his willingness to involve a second woman, which had gone exceedingly well for them. He had agreed to that without question, regardless of any insecurity she might have had. She really hadn’t felt much palpable insecurity, but there remained the principle of the imbalance.

The idea developed over months. Yes, playing with other women had worked well the two times they did so as a couple. For years, even before she met her man, she enjoyed playing solo with women. A few trysts over the years stood out, but she did have that one lasting arrangement that was as meaningful as it was erotic. She loved going out dancing with this woman, which was its own end, but also served as foreplay. The dance floor was a physical fantasyland where desire could begin to boil, but could never boil over. The limitation of being able to touch only so much made dancing supremely arousing to her.

Her memories of hot nights with women, alone or with her man, led her to reminisce through pornography. Watching women together did it for her more than anything, but she also liked watching threesomes. Surfing one night, she found herself watching one threesome clip after another. Most featured a pair of women with a man. A particular video appeared that featured two men with a woman. She took a look. About thirty minutes and ten windows later, her thighs were soaked, her arms were tired, and her vibrator batteries were going dead.

Hints were subtle at first, such as asking her man if he liked scenes like that. His answers were measured, but clearly he did. One night while straddling him, riding him slowly as though she was using his erection to massage herself internally, she figured she had him at his most vulnerable. Midway through a rotation of her hips, she asked him how he would feel about sharing her with another guy. Before he could answer, she picked up her pace, bounced on him hard, and told him how wet the idea made her. He did his best to decline while not breaking the mood, saying he wanted her to himself. Taking his hand and sucking his fingers, she playfully asked why he wouldn’t like to see another cock in her mouth while he fucked her. Persuasive as this was, he wasn’t yet convinced.

The discussion continued to surface here and there. It became a joke of sorts for a time, and they teased one another about it. Discussion never got her anywhere. Other tactics worked better. One afternoon, she left open a window on his computer with one of her new favorite threesome scenes paused midway. When she saw him take a seat at his desk, she hurried into the room to watch it with him. She knelt before him and pleasured him for several minutes while he watched. Then she turned around, slid down her yoga pants, and sat on him facing away. They watched together while she rode his orgasm out of him.

A more involved scenario took shape in the shower. She had a dildo with a suction cup for shower play, but she had only used it alone. She stuck it to the wall and waited for him to shower, hopping in with him when he did. Knowing what she was trying to pull, he resisted, or at least he did until she bent over and backed up into it. She fucked it while looking up at him and panting. Her long, black hair clung to her wet, pale skin as she rode it. Eventually, she took his growing erection into her mouth. She looked up again and asked if he wanted to see her get fucked. With his cock on her cheek and her shiny ass banging against the shower wall, she told him through the moans about how badly she wanted to have two cocks. He was horny to the point of being speech-impaired. Adding some heat, she turned around and bent over, gave herself to him, and sucked the dildo she had been fucking. Watching her do that made him lose control. He fucked her with everything he had. His chest turned red. His eyes rolled back. He came much faster than usual, almost losing his balance. When she stood up, turned around, and kissed him, she simply asked, “Well?” He replied with nothing more than, “Okay, fine.”

Part 2 in a few days…


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