Finding a Fit (part 6)

This is the final part of the story. If you haven’t, go back and read the first five parts. Finishing…

“Lube up some more, then fuck me hard,” Nicole directed.

“You want me to go harder?” asked Jeremy, playing along and sounding oh-so-eager.

“Yeah babe. Do it to me! I need you to fuck me.”

This was exactly what he needed to hear. She needed him. Jeremy pulled out and gave his whole hand a generous helping of lube. He gave her more lube with a pair of his fingers. This time when he got to work on her, he didn’t work so slowly or gently. He twisted the wedge back inside her and started the piston once more. The extra lube made a massive difference. Her body was ready for it this time as well. He pinned her again with his left arm, looked straight into her eyes, and fucked her with his hand.

“Like this?” Jeremy asked. “You want it like this?”

“Yes! Just like that baby. Just fuck me like that!”

Did he ever. He surprised himself with just how forcefully he fucked her. Leading up to this, he had worried about hurting her. He had been so delicate. He had wanted her to feel good and didn’t want any discomfort to spoil this. Now, savagely thrusting his hand in and out of her was what she needed and what he needed to do. He felt empowered and free. He wasn’t concerned about his body letting her down. He just wanted to fuck the daylights out of her until she came.

Nicole got close quickly. Her muscles had relaxed and yielded to his hand. She felt a slight tightening; a tension she knew was the beginning of her orgasm. The pressure of his fist inside aroused her even as it hurt, but the thrashing he was giving her seemed to shake something else free. Her massive toy worked for her through the pressure alone. She didn’t need much help. Jeremy was bringing her to the verge of something different and more profound. This would go beyond the physical sensation. His movement, his pressure, and his will combined to give her a rush of excitement she couldn’t find with her toy. This driven man was going to make her cum, not just the ball of meat and bone at the end of his arm.

“Oh fuck! I’m so close baby. Keep going!”

The piston kept pumping. Nicole felt the man behind the machine. She liked this. It wasn’t what she had counted on, but she gave herself to it. She wanted to believe what she felt was purely physical and not emotional. But here was this man trying so hard to do what she needed, and he was doing it right. That was it. Her orgasm was his quest, for whatever reason. She knew he needed her to come for him. Her toys could never need anything. The other men she had been with had their agendas, but none seemed as pure as Jeremy’s. Something was different with him. It confused her, but she didn’t dwell. Even if she wanted to contemplate this, having a fist stretching her from within was making it impossible. She let the sensation take over. She let her body go. She looked down one last time to watch him fisting her with total abandon. His apprehension was gone and he was in control. He looked to her like he was waiting for an answer. She gave it to him.

The moment came together for her. Jeremy had started grunting. This was more tiring than he had expected. Hearing his voice was Nicole’s final push. Her muscles convulsed like they were working against his movement. Her hips followed. He sped up intuitively, and this was it. They groaned together restlessly. It had an animal intensity to it. The resistance inside yielded to a rapid pulsing. Nicole cried loudly, beginning Jeremy to make her come. She crept closer and closer. He pushed harder and harder. For a few seconds he pounded her like so much raw meat. Nicole’s body tightened and shuddered before she called out, “Fuck! I’m coming baby! I’m coming!” Then she shook wildly to the point Jeremy could no longer hold her.

But he tried. He wrapped his arm around her thigh and held fast as she flailed. A rush of fluid from within her soaked his hand. It made his movement easier, even as her body shook and tightened. He kept going; she never said stop. Feeling himself smiling, he didn’t want the moment to end. This was redemption. He was finding himself in this.

Nicole’s orgasm continued as he pumped inside her. A sudden joy swept over her. Once again, it was different than what she had expected to feel. The orgasm was different and definitely not like what she felt with her toy. There was more though. She realized as this was happening that she was giving Jeremy what he needed by letting him give her what she needed. She sensed a longing in him. Of course, Jeremy hadn’t told her about his ED, but she could tell this was a desperately necessary moment for him. The give and take was oddly welcomed.

There was no need to stop. She told him to slow down, but she didn’t tell him to pull out. As her heaving subsided, she regained focus on just how well his fist fit inside her. She caught her breath, relaxed her body, and told him to keep going. For a change, she didn’t want the guy to leave.

Jeremy was tired, but renewed in purpose. He wasn’t ever going to stop. This had been his rebirth. This new life filled him the way he was filling her. He had found something while inside her. With her warm velvet pussy enveloping his hand, he pushed on. He knew what she was thinking, what she was craving. For once, he could give it to her.

More stories coming soon…


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