Finding a Fit (part 5)


Many magnificent minutes passed. A few times, Jeremy thought Nicole was about to come. He was wrong. She was getting into it, but not getting close. Determined to keep her excited, he gave her a finger. Her body was warm and slippery within. He moved his finger gently, but given the circumstances, he wondered why he needed to be gentle. He was surprised how tight she felt. Unless her muscles relaxed considerably, he doubted using his fist was going to work. Nicole cried out as he wiggled his finger. He decided to try two.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Nicole gasped. She followed her gasp with a scream and a wild shake.

Jeremy worked her with a pair of fingers while keeping his tongue zeroed in on her pretty little clit. He wasn’t expecting such a response from someone who wanted a fist inside her.

She wasn’t expecting to respond so much either to a mere lapping. The anticipation was getting to her. Jeremy’s tongue was a warm-up act, but a damn fine one. His will continued to excite her. He was driven. She wanted him to use that drive to take this further. She wanted what she had seen in that video. Nicole needed more of him inside her.

“More…give me more,” she panted.

He took this to mean more finger. Before he obliged her, he let up on her clit and fucked her harder with the pair of fingers he had inside her. She shook with him and cried out again for more.

“Use some of this,” she said, handing him the bottle of lube she strategically stashed under a pillow.

Jeremy lubed a trio of fingers and used a dab for her as well. Without lube, she felt wet enough to him to take anything, but he played along with her request. She knew best. This was about her. He needed it to be about her.

He formed his three fingers into a prism, middle finger on top. Slowly he eased it inside her. She startled him by grabbing his wrist and pulling it towards her. With this, he resumed fucking her with his hand. He opened them within her and felt her body stretch. She yielded to him. She convulsed. This was serious. He was deep into this with her. He had to make it happen the right way. He gave her direct eye contact and held it with her while he pumped his arm to fuck her. Her screams told him this was working for her. She was ready for four.

Pulling out, Jeremy created a wedge with four fingers on his right hand. He tightened his grip on her thigh with the left hand, using his weight to keep her in place. He figured she might start to buck as they went further. Slowly once again, he worked his wedge inside her, moving with a slight twisting motion. Each inch brought a louder yelp from her. He looked up to see Nicole watching and smiling, almost laughing. The laughing was punctuated with the kinds of screams that sounded faked in porn. He didn’t think these were faked.

Jeremy got to his knuckles and realized his thumb was going to need to go in as well. This was it. There wasn’t going to be just four fingers. To get them in, his hand was going to have to follow. He tucked his thumb up tight against the wedge. Twisting more, he kept pushing, encouraged by Nicole’s screams. A few times he pulled out partially and twisted back in. The movement worked well. He fucked her like this for a few minutes. She was taking it. He wasn’t hurting her. He could tell she really wanted this. He could do it.

Jeremy touched his thumb to the tips of his other fingers and twisted his way inside again. This time he didn’t pull out. This time he watched his knuckles disappear within her. Nicole opened her mouth but didn’t make a sound. A high-pitched squeak came after a few seconds, leaving Jeremy unsure whether or not he should keep going. He kept pushing, waiting for a more definitive response.

“Yes! Oh, fuck yes! Keep going, keep going, keep going baby…”

This would do.

He pushed the rest of his hand inside her. Realizations of the moment flooded him. His hand was inside her, the idea of which was bizarre, but the sensation of which was incredible. Her flesh wrapped around him like a warm, perfect glove. He fit her. She felt it, too.

In up to his wrist, Jeremy began using the wedge to steadily fuck her. Something about her body being wrapped around his hand felt more intimate than other experiences had been. It felt more immediate. His movement was deliberate but cautious as he listened and watched for her response.

She looked down and considered what she really wanted. This did hurt somewhat, but it also made her insanely hot. Stopping because of a little pain would be a huge disappointment. Waiting for another round on another night wouldn’t be a sweet kind of waiting. This needed to happen now. She wanted him to fuck her like this. She wanted to see that will in his eyes.

“Do it, baby. Don’t be shy. Fuck me.”

Jeremy’s eyes lit up just as she wanted them to. A grin crept across his face. He looked a bit like a pervert. Nicole approved. His arm started to pump like a piston. The motion was fluid. Nicole’s shrill screams contrasted this. She clutched the sheets. Her back lifted off the mattress. Her legs kicked.

He tried to keep her still, pinning down as much as he could with his left arm. He was failing at this, but his focus was elsewhere. His confidence grew with each stroke. He was doing this. He was fucking her. His body was making her scream. This fueled him. Her arched back and shaking hips fueled him. Her crazy wetness fueled him.

Moving slowly worked for several minutes. Nicole felt the initial pain subside, giving way to overwhelming pleasure. The stretching was intense, as were the sensations within her. She felt an urgency to come. This could do it for her, but she needed more than the breadth of his fist. She needed speed. She needed a man who moved like a machine; a man driven like one, but still full of heat and life.

More in a few days…


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