Finding a Fit (part 4)


Get inside they did. Her place was somewhat spare and less ornate than Jeremy had expected. Whites. Greys. It made sense, partly. Nicole did have a matter-of-fact nature. But she also had a definite sensuality to her. He pictured more color, or maybe some draped velvet. Instead, her place was bare walls and modernity.

They rushed through the living room and past the kitchen. No offers for drinks. No offer for a tour. Matter-of-fact. Not more than an hour or so after meeting, Jeremy was at Nicole’s bedroom doorway. The room had warmth the rest of her place lacked. Plush. Sophisticated. Deep reds. Lush maroons. It made sense. He just had to get inside to find it.

As Nicole led him in, she found herself feeling affectionate. This came to her suddenly. She wasn’t sure what to make of it. She felt exposed. She tried to tell herself this would help when she needed to take his fist.

Jeremy had noticed a softening in Nicole when they got to her bedroom. It made sense to him. He had penetrated something, or she had let him do so. He figured getting through any front she offered would make his job easier.

“We’d better get comfortable, okay?” she said, taking his hand and kissing his cheek.

“I’m feeling good about this,” Jeremy said. “I’m already comfortable.”

He was, but Nicole made it better. She surprised herself. In the café, she found Jeremy to be adequate. On the walk to her place, his pathetic small talk made her wonder about him, but now she was all in. They both knew why they were here. She felt excited much like she would before breaking out her toys. Jeremy wasn’t a toy exactly, and even if he was, he was going to need special care. She began setting the mood. Someone had to

“Wanna help me undress?” Nicole asked, smiling and cocking her head.

He grinned, brought himself closer to her and began unbuttoning her pants. Signals were strange. He wasn’t certain she wanted him to kiss her. She ended the mystery by kissing him. As he slid her jeans down over her hips, he wondered why she hadn’t worn a skirt. Maybe this was part of the ritual for her. He didn’t ask.

“No need for you to be shy,” she remarked as she began removing his shirt.

He didn’t need to be naked for this. Neither of them needed to be completely naked. Despite this, Nicole was realizing something she needed for this to work. Again, she surprised herself. This was going to have to feel like more than the mere mechanical sex act they’d agreed to share. She needed a certain amount of honesty and inhibition. Jeremy was going to be a partner, not a rod of silicon. Maybe she didn’t want a machine after all. Kissing him skin to skin made him come to life for her. She secretly hoped she wouldn’t like it too much.

Moving to the bed, they continued kissing while still embraced. This carried on for longer than either expected, and in truth, neither quite knew when to stop. Their bodies tangled. Their hands explored. Comfort increased and decreased simultaneously. It felt great and wasn’t as clinical as either thought it would be. It wasn’t how either pictured this happening. Jeremy took initiative that surprised and impressed Nicole.

“I want to make you feel good,” he said.

With that, Jeremy moved down Nicole’s body, tasting her skin as he traveled south. She was pale enough that even in the low light he could see the freckles around her navel. He decided to give attention to her details. She responded with approving sighs. These sighs got louder as he licked his way to her inner thighs. Nicole decided this was turning out well.

Jeremy kissed her all around her panties, pulling them out of the way to greet the skin below. The panties had to go, and Nicole helped him peel them off. He had made his way through another layer. Still taking his time, he did his best to leave no speck of her skin dry.

Nicole held his head as he worked. For a moment, he felt like one of her toys in her hands. Letting go of this thought, she looked down to watch him work on her. She liked the show he was giving her.

The skin all around her pussy was feather-soft. She was neatly trimmed, and Jeremy felt an obligation to treat her with the same care she treated herself. His lips massaged her skin in a delicate flutter. Nicole responded in subtle gasps. He paused, and then blew puffs of air against her. Looking up at her and making eye contact, he gave one long wet lick up the length of her pussy. He

Nicole broke the eye contact to roll back her eyes and moan. She was becoming more and more okay with delaying the main event. The more he licked, the wetter she would be. She caught herself realizing some irony in the moment. Typically when a guy tried so hard, she found it to be almost sad. With Jeremy, his dedication to her pleasure was endearing. She welcomed it and was no longer in any hurry. Loud and forceful could wait. Soft and sensual was working for the moment.

Jeremy continued with a succession of faster but random licks. Soon he was licking her steadily. He kissed her flesh gingerly and then pushed against it with his tongue. Inching upwards, he isolated her clit. He dedicated himself. Nicole quivered and then sighed. Holding her by her thighs, Jeremy focused his tongue’s every movement on this tiny ball of pink. She could feel him breathing through his nose and realized he could be at this a long time. She didn’t mind.

She tried to keep the evening’s purpose in her thoughts, though. The moment didn’t need to be rushed, but there was a point beyond the moment itself. Focusing was getting difficult with the head she was getting. Nicole wondered why it felt so right. Jeremy was doing well, but he wasn’t as effective as one of her cheaper vibrators. His tongue flicked tirelessly, and she was impressed, but it still was just a tongue. What was getting to her was his drive. He was trying. She appreciated this for a change. It worked for her now because she knew he would keep up his effort through the night. He’d focus on what she needed; he’d listen. He wouldn’t expect anything from her. He wasn’t trying to move in with her. He had some motivation of his own and she was okay with using this.

More in a few days…


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