Finding a Fit (part 3)


Jeremy reached out first. The need to erase his repeated failures drove him. For all the kinky women on this site, Nicole’s profile was the only one he saw that mentioned fist fucking. Her phrasing was almost too direct for him. Little did he know that just prior his first look at her profile, she had deleted a line about having someone “punch-fuck” her. Although her directness was abrasive, he liked that she left no question about the kind of relationship she wanted. He felt he could give her what she craved. He needed to be able to do this for someone. She was his chance for redemption.

Post-orgasm, Nicole felt almost high. She wanted to sleep, but she decided to read Jeremy’s message. Yes, he was just another guy claiming he wasn’t just another guy. Two other men sent messages while she was reading his. He seemed sincere, but she was apprehensive about his admitted lack of experience. After considering it further, she thought this could be a plus. He would have no preconceived notions of what she wanted. She could mold him and make him fit. What finally sold her was his size. She figured a guy so short wouldn’t have huge hands. Yes, she wanted someone to stretch her in a new, exciting way. She didn’t need to be torn in half, though.

They ended up chatting until daylight, each surprised by their respective second winds. Nicole in particular didn’t expect to like Jeremy, but he was better-than-average virtual company. She didn’t let him know this, of course. Jeremy hung on her words, but was careful to not come off as needy or pushy. He didn’t want to spoil his chance. After setting clear boundaries about how this would work, they exchanged personal contact information and logged out. Neither would tell the other this, but they each masturbated before falling asleep.

Over the next several days, Jeremy didn’t feel his typical post-failure psychosis. He had expected to obsess over it. He feared he would barely be able to function during the week while wracking himself over his inadequacy. None of this happened. The pending arrangement with Nicole empowered him. He could be what she needed, or at least he thought he could be. There wasn’t a way for him to prepare for what they were going to do. Reading online and watching fisting videos didn’t feel like enough. She said she would guide him, so for a change, he wasn’t worried. Although he understood she wanted no more from him than his arm inside her, he looked forward to having someone long for what he could give. He wasn’t used to being wanted. His small stature was a boon for the first time in his life. This was going to fit.

Nicole was more upbeat than usual. For certain, she couldn’t stop fucking herself. Several consecutive nights ended with powerful, swelling orgasms. She reached these by mixing the vision of Jeremy gliding his fist into her with the sensation and stretching her mighty silicon friend offered. She didn’t really see him doing it, but she nearly could feel him. The idea of his warmth appealed to her. After a few nights, she ventured forward using her own fist. The angle was odd, but she liked the process. Doing this taught her a lesson. She needed much more lubricant. The sex store she frequented sold it in gallon jugs. She had wondered who would ever need so much. Was her life just boring? The night before she and Jeremy met, she stopped on her way from work to pick up a more modest but still hearty amount.

Dinner wasn’t necessary, but they agreed to meet at a café as a requisite formality. Nicole wanted to be certain he wasn’t revolting. Also, she figured she could sniff out any hint of lunatic on him before bringing him home. Jeremy prepared like he would for any other date, except he put some lotion on his hands. He pictured Nicole inspecting them at the beginning of the evening and he wanted her to approve.

The two had settled the details well in advance. They would meet. They would exchange pleasantries. They would adjourn to Nicole’s place. They would undress. Jeremy would fist her. Jeremy would leave. If all went well, they would repeat as they each desired. A slight imbalance existed from the start, in that the physical focus was going to be on Nicole. This would only be her getting off. Jeremy didn’t have a problem with this. He longed to get someone off somehow, and this would be how.

Their meeting commenced in the early evening as they had planned. The spring sun lingered long enough for them to get a good look at each other in daylight. Nicole joked that Jeremy wasn’t as short as she thought he’d be. She meant it. Both were relieved. Sitting and talking at the café was forced and formal at first, but they eased into one another. It felt more like a date than either expected. Nicole wasn’t certain she liked this, but she was glad she didn’t dislike Jeremy. Initially, she just wanted a man’s arm to use, but she reasoned everything might feel better if she at least didn’t dislike the man attached to it. This still was a matter of selfish practicality, but she thought it to be a mutually beneficial one. All along, Jeremy just wanted to get started before she changed her mind. After sufficient coffee and small talk, Nicole got the evening moving.

“Shall we go?” she asked. “I don’t want to stay here long enough to start liking you or something.”

“You mean I haven’t charmed you already?” Jeremy replied.

They got up together, each feeling comfortable with the other, but each wondering how well this would work. The walk to Nicole’s place was short, but it threatened the evening. In a lull, conversation turned to the most mundane possible topic: parking. Jeremy brought it up because the brief silence bothered him. He regretted doing so immediately. This disappointed each of them, but luckily for the sake of the evening they arrived at Nicole’s before it got worse

“Let’s get inside before you ask me about property taxes,” Nicole quipped.

More in a few days…


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