From Chapter 14 of Aching: Memoirs of an Unrequited Sex Addict

This week’s excerpt gives you the chance you’ve always wanted: to see the world through the eyes of an actual pervert! Let the fun begin.

From Chapter 14:

Actually feeling the filth within me, actually seeing the smut that swirls behind my eyes would be no less disgusting to you than reaching into an overflowing public toilet to retrieve a decomposing rat. Stepping into my skin, peering through the mask I wear, you’d see depravity unbridled. You’d see what a monster sees. You’d know why I can’t share who I really am. You’d know that who I am is worse than you imagined.

As you’d adjust to viewing the world through my eyes, you’d squint and strain to verify the reality of what you’d think you were seeing. Diseased semen would leak from the corners of young mouths. Women’s jeans and leggings would vanish to reveal the slutty, stained underwear beneath. A clueless woman passing you on the street suddenly would be naked and gasping as you’d watch me pour a cup of my saliva on her bare, shaking belly. The laughter you’d hear from a group of women dining together would turn to a chorus of moans as they masturbate side-by-side in a contest to see who can have the first orgasm. The losers would get drenched in my piss. The moans of the winner would turn to cries and then screams echoing over the crack of my hand on her exposed ass.

My fantasies would replace everything you’d see. A teenage girl wearing shorts would yield to a vision of me pulling my cock out of her menstruating pussy to paint her naked thighs with blood. A cupcake in a bakery window would be covered in my semen as I force it into the mouth of a restrained mother wearing a tiny pastel bib. The scene of some petite woman playing with her mastiff in a park would transform into her milking his red cock before getting into position for him to mount her. A somber news anchor describing a body found in the woods would become a point of view  of crawling over her prone form while she was still relatively warm.


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