From Chapter 5 of Aching: Memoirs of an Unrequited Sex Addict

You didn’t ask for it, but here is another one of my adventures in paying for sex.

From Chapter 5:

The Reeperbahn waited for me. I hadn’t realized I’d be so close to it. I definitely hadn’t budgeted for it. How had I missed it when I was planning this trip? Hamburg was a storied port city. Port cities all have thriving sex business. The hostel was near the waterfront. I’d accidentally put myself in the heart of the sleaze.

Everything the neighborhood was what I expected it to be. Head shops were everywhere. Nightclubs hummed on each street. Sketchy-looking dudes hung at every corner. The deeper into I went, the more it felt right to me. I probably should have felt some sense of danger. No. I could feel sex. I felt the sex I knew best: sex I could buy. I realized this was its own type of danger, but I liked it and wanted

A particular alley beckoned me. It didn’t have a street sign. I wasn’t lit like the other streets. Instead, it glowed a soft, inviting red. I could see this crimson buzz before I turned the corner. It drew me. I knew where it was taking me. I let it pull me in.  The entrance was narrow, but it opened into a mews. Only a few yards across, this cobblestone court was a lifetime of desire. Unmarked buildings lined its sides. The buildings all had eye-level windows framed in steady red neon. Behind the glass were women in trashy lingerie. They perched uncomfortably on ugly furniture under purple lamps. Save for the glow from the windows, the court was dark. I could see the silhouettes of two other men. One paced, while the other seemed engaged with one of the women. When I saw these men, I realized something. They were shopping. So was I.

I got a good look at the women in the first three windows to my left. A skinny blonde with intense lipstick looked bored. A petite, dark-skinned brunette with a hat looked away from me. Another blonde wearing a green bra that seemed to pulse under the purple light gave me a wave. That was all it took. I approached her and she smiled at me. I was unsure how I was supposed to speak with her, but hearing her voice through an intercom cleared that up.

“Hello. How are you tonight?” she asked in clear English.

“I’m okay,” I said. “Just checking out the city.”

“From America?”

“Yes. First night in Hamburg.”

“You looking for a date already?”

I really wasn’t. Tight budget. No room for dates. Stick to my plan. Just go back to the hostel and jerk off. If nothing else, at least see what the other women look like. Don’t give in to the first one.

“Sure,” I said.

More later this week.


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