From Chapter 3 of Aching: Memoirs of an Unrequited Sex Addict

Below is another excerpt from Aching: Memoirs of an Unrequited Sex Addict. In this piece, I built up the courage to visit a local massage parlor near the end of college. I really didn’t know what was going to happen. The story picks up after I forced my nervous self to open the front door. I’ll continue the story in another post.

From Chapter 3:

A tasteful waiting room greeted me. There were two couches and coffee table covered by a pile of magazines. The local top forty station played softly from a clock radio. It looked like a doctor’s office. When the door shut behind me, I was in a new world. I’d passed this place hundreds of times. It now was something new to me. I sat down, noticing a one-way mirror as I did. Someone could see me. I began to suspect this was authentic.

I didn’t sit for long. A door opened and a tiny head popped out.

“Hello. Has anyone helped you?” the young woman asked.

“No, I just got here,” I answered

“Come on back,” she beckoned.

I followed eagerly and got a good look at her as she led me down a hallway. With her back to me, she introduced herself as Jackie. Something about that made me grin. I gave her my real name. She wore a black tube top and a snug grey miniskirt. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun. She was barefoot, which I immediately loved. Again, this made me believe I was in the right place.

We arrived in another waiting area. Jackie asked if I’d ever visited before. No. She showed me a price list for sessions. Excellent. Figuring I’d need to tip about the same as the cost of the session, I went with what I could afford: thirty minutes.

“Do you want to meet the other girls working tonight?” she asked.

I hadn’t thought of this. Jackie was cute. She was shorter than me and curvy. Her voice was soft. Her eyes were sunken. We had talked for no more than a minute, but I felt I’d betray her by even considering someone else.

“No, I’d like a session with you,” I said.

She smiled and led me down another hallway. The place seemed so much larger on the inside. Jackie showed me a room. It was cramped with what appeared to be a doctor’s examination table in the center. A chair and small table stood at one side. The lighting was low. Each wall had a mirror. We wouldn’t have complete privacy. This concerned me, but not too much.

I learned that payment would be up front. I asked about tipping. Jackie politely told me it was up to me. She smiled at the tip I offered. All was going well. I wondered if other guys got this feeling on dates.

“Get comfortable and I’ll be right back,” she told me.

This filled me with sudden unease. How comfortable should I get? I didn’t know protocol. I wasn’t sure how she’d react to returning and finding me naked. I went with stripping to my underwear and hoped for the best. She was gone for a suspiciously long time, but I didn’t panic. While waiting, I did push-ups without thinking about what might be on the carpet. I checked out my physique in the mirror. I was as good as I was going to get.

Jackie returned and gave me her gentle smile again. After closing the door, she began softly caressing my leg. My skin ignited at this. Someone was touching me! She asked what I wanted to do during my session. I told her I figured I’d get a massage. She just kind of nodded. Doubt returned. I wondered if I’d made a mistake with my answer. She asked if I wanted oil. I told her I just wanted to feel her hands. This time she smirked a bit.

She rubbed me down while I rested on my stomach. We were quiet for several minutes. I watched her work on me via the mirror while wondering who, if anyone, was watching us. After some continued silence, she asked if I wanted to turn over. I did, and I did.

Looking down at me and grinning, she asked, “You have no idea what goes on here, do you?”

“My friends said I could get a good massage,” I answered, unsure where this would go.

“Okay, well we do a mutual massage here,” she said. “You can massage me, too. If you want me to massage you anywhere, just put my hand there.”


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