What Sex Workers Mean To Me

Below is an article I posted to Medium.com several months ago. It details how important prostitutes have been to me. I wish each one I’ve been with could know how much I’ve appreciated her.



4 thoughts on “What Sex Workers Mean To Me

    1. A cam performer is someone who performs sex acts alone (or with a partner) and broadcasts these live via webcam on a hosting site such as Live Jasmine or Chaterbate. Viewers log in to watch the stream, purchasing tokens that they can use to tip the performer when they like what they see. It works similarly to the interaction in a strip club, with the performer promising a better show for bigger tips. Viewers can purchase a private session and can allow the performer to see them on cam at the same time.

      Doing cam shows is appealing for the performer because it’s much safer than escorting and less annoying than stripping at a club or a party. Viewers like it because they don’t have to leave home or deal with another person in person. It can be relative cheap (though spending a lot is easy) and they still get some modicum of intimacy (or at least attention).

      I hope that helps.

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  1. I think it has more in common with a striptease than with porn, but it shares similarities with each. Touch would be nice, but cam shows appeal to those of us who aren’t good at in-person interactions. Attention, even if artificial, is paramount. When the attention is reduced to a commodity, the viewer doesn’t have to try so hard to avoid embarrassment or rejection, thus reducing much of the stress of interacting. I’ll readily admit that sometimes having another person present gets in the way of my ability to enjoy a physical experience. Cam shows help the cold and distant among us.


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