Borrowing Policies

Okay, fine. You know I use you when I’m alone. Have I broken and entered? Does the pillory await? Or have I turned a key? Will you leave a window open? Let’s be clear, though. You can use me anytime you wish. I’d find no greater privilege. I have no better purpose. Do what you … More Borrowing Policies


What you see: I’m alone No guard, no shame Kneeling Straining Shaking Gasping Approaching the edge Your pictures are my guide I’m almost there You can tell What I feel: You’re with me Nothing between us but sweat Clutching Thrusting Smacking Screaming My hand becomes you As I lock eyes with pixels You’re almost here … More Almost

Explaining Myself

Sometimes I do it because I think I need to Sometimes I do it becauseĀ I hope it’s what you need But sometimes sometimes I only do it because it’s so fucking dirty  

AM and PM

Some mornings I can commit to the fantasy Of you straddling me And me reaching behind you To pull your hair As I bite your neck   On those mornings I lie on my back My pillow is your torso My hand is your hand And your mouth And your pussy   The evenings They … More AM and PM

A Hint

What I want As much as the moment Is to taste you On my beard An hour later To feel an ache In my jaw As I go to sleep To wake up stroking The next morning To the memory of your moans

Separate Spheres

You wait Anticipation swelling I can smell it from your pores Hear it in your breath And see it as you quake   You’ve given yourself Happily ceding control You’re vulnerable Exposed Eager   You’re secure Protected and without fear Trust alive in your eyes Admiring Desiring   I stand before you But won’t let … More Separate Spheres


I name The scuffs on my knees The aches in my thighs The stains on the sheets These are The only offspring Of the moment That we shared They are What I keep with me After you take your leave And seek your next moment